Blazer Hot Shot HT 3000 torch lighter

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Alchimia Grow Shop is glad to present the Blazer Hot Shot Ht 3000 torch lighter. It is designed to produce a good flame as well as having absolute control over this flame.

Blazer Hot Shot HT 3000, powerful blue flame torch lighter

This powerful blue flame torch is designed to be completely reliable and safe. It is very simple to use and it is always ready to use.

It is advisable to use refined Colibri gas (or gas without impurities from other brands), so the torch will offer us better results and extend to the maximum its useful life.

It has a comfortable grip design, with dimensions of 15cmx4.5cm. It has a very stable compact base that prevents it from tipping over easily.

Blazer Hot Shot HT 3000 torch lighter, efficient and very easy to use

The torch produces a flame that reaches a temperature of 1300ºC. It is completely stable and withstands the wind. It is very easy to regulate using the top control.

It incorporates an auto ignition system activated with a lateral button, in this way its use with a single hand is simple once we have opened the gas with the top regulator.

To start using the lighter, fill the tank, open the gas using the regulator at the top and press the side ignition button to generate the spark. With the flame, we can heat the titanium nail or our resin bubbler quartz banger.

Blazer Hot Shot HT 3000 torch lighter info:

  • Professional blue flame torch
  • Dimensions: 15cmx4.5cm
  • Flame power regulation
  • Quick ignition with lateral button
  • Stable and comfortable to grip
  • Includes stable base for table-top use
  • Gas refill in the lower part
  • Ideal for use with refined gas without impurities such as Colibrí

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