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Botanicare Silica Blast

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Botanicare's Silica Blast is now available in Alchimiaweb, a biomass stimulator that hardens the tissues of our marijuanaplants, improving their resistance to external bad conditions.

This feeding supplement reinforces the structure of cannabis plants in conjunction with the rest of Botanicare's products like the Pure Blend Grow or the Pure Blend Bloom.

Is is suitable for both soil and coco coir, and also forhydro/aeroponic growing systems, providing the cell walls with silicon and creating a matrix that reinforces them.

These reinforced cells reduce their transpiration, allowing the plant to perform the photosynthesis process properly, even withadverse conditions like too much heat, cold, frosts, etc.

It facilitates bud ripening, hardening the stems of the plants. It also helps stabilize the pH value of recirculating watering systems.

Silica Blast from Botanicare features:

  • Enhances the resistance of the cell walls
  • Reduces transpiration
  • Facilitates the photosynthesis process in bad climate conditions
  • Helps regulating the pH in recirculating irrigation systems
  • Add to nutrient solution just before the pH up/down
  • Growth dose: 0.5-1.3 ml/l (EC 0,02-0.04)
  • Bloom dose: 1.32ml/l (EC 0.04)
  • Pots: 2.5-5ml/4l of water
  • Hydroponics (medium plants): 3.5ml/4l of water every 5-7 days (pH6)
  • Hydroponics (large plants): 5ml/4l of water every 5-7 days (pH 6)

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