Bubba Haze from World Of Seeds
Bubba Haze from World Of Seeds
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Bubba Haze from World Of Seeds

Bubba Haze is a new Sativa/Indica hybrid created by the team of breeders at World Of Seeds by crossing Bubba Kush with Ghost Train Haze. The combination of these two world-class variety is now available online at Alchimiaweb as regular seeds.

This is a variety which inherits the extreme potency of the Ghost Train Haze, but that flowers very quickly due to the influence of the Bubba Kush parent, one of the finest pure Indica cultivars in the world. Despite the indica genetics, this is still a vigorous, fast growing plant that can easily reach a large size.

If growing indoors, World Of Seeds recommend not giving more than 2 weeks of growth to your Bubba Haze seedlings, thus avoiding the potential problem of them growing too large for your grow space!

When cultivated outdoors, you can expect the flowers to be ready to be harvested around the first week of October, producing up to 2000g of sticky buds per plant.

Highly resistant to pests, diseases and fungal attack, showing vigorous development and very forgiving of beginner's mistakes, Bubba Haze is a truly easy variety to cultivate, suitable for gardeners of all levels of experience.

The aroma of Bubba Haze is metallic and woody, with an old school feel, and the effect when consumed is powerful, initially euphoric but settling into a more relaxed, chilled mood.

World Of Seeds Bubba Haze info:

  • Regular seeds
  • 50/50 Sativa-Indica hybrid
  • Genetics: Ghost Train Haze x Bubba Kush
  • Indoor yield: 600g per m2
  • Outdoor yield: up to 2000g per plant
  • Indoor flowering: 65 days
  • Outdoor harvest: 1st week of October
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Opinions about Bubba Haze from World Of Seeds and questions 6

17-09-2019-> Joe says:

grew 2 seeds, both just over 7 and a half feet tall and beginning to bud. Looks as though the 2000g yield will be attainable! They are dwarfing my Candy Cream and Alaskan purple strains. Thanks so much!

18-09-2019 -> Alchimia Grow Shop says:

Wow, Joe, that's great news! These Afghan x Haze hybrids can be incredibly vigorous and productive when treated right, great work! Thanks for keeping us informed, we really appreciate it. All the best for the rest of the season, here's hoping for a problem-free harvest!

03-09-2019-> Peter Grossmann says:

Hi, is Bubba Haze from World Of Seeds a F1 hybrid ? Thanks Peter

03-09-2019 -> Alchimia Grow Shop says:

Hi Peter, thanks for the question. Essentially this is an F1 poly-hybrid, a first-generation cross between two poly-hybrids. What breeders refer to as a "True F1" would be a first-generation cross between two stable, true-breeding lines that are completely different from each other. Hope that helps, all the best!

25-04-2019-> Ricardo says:

Great genetics behind this strain and for the price of seeds make it one of the better buys on the seed market!Just as good as any other top strains just way cheaper!

25-04-2019 -> Alchimia Grow Shop says:

Hi Ricardo,

Glad you liked it, and thanks for your comment!



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