Guanokalong Bloom liquid

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Guanokalong Bloom is a 100% natural fertiliser for bloom from Indonesia

This fertiliser especially for marijuana is made of seabird and bats dung. It is completely organic since bats eat insects and fruits.

Guanokalong is the perfect combination of macro and microelements and enzymes which dissolve in the substrate so that it can't burn the roots.
Guanokalong Bloom is the first fertiliser for the flowering of marijuana based on guano. It is the last innovation of to the famous brand Guanokalong.

Guanokalong Bloom can be used in soil and coco coir. This fertiliser is perfect for cannabis, it isn't aggressive to the roots and stimulates the mycobacterial soil fauna

It is the perfect product to enhance the aromas, flavours and production of the buds.

Dosage: 1-2ml per liter of water

Nutritional values: 2.5-6 NK

Attention: This compost doesn't not contain phosphorus (P), so it should only be used as a complement of bat guano in powder, which contains approximately 15% of phosphorus. The plant will still receive a healthy and balanced diet

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