Innervisions magic mushroom kits

Innervisions magic mushroom kits

Innervisions magic mushroom kits are designed with all kinds of growers in mind, so in their range we can find kits for beginners, intermediate users as well as tools for the most experienced cultivators, who want to have full control over every step of the process, preparing the cakes for themselves and inoculating with Psilocybe spores.

Magic mushroom growing kits from Innervisions, perfect for all types of users

Whichever method you choose, you'll always get great results, as they have all been prepared using fresh mycelium from spores found around the world, among which you find legendary genetics such as B +, Mexican or Cambodian, among many others.

The kits are prepared using a "mushbag" or a mixture of sterilised grain, with perlite and vermiculite, held within a sealed plastic container with ventilation.

Innervisions mushroom kits, with fresh mycelium and a multitude of strains

This system keeps the mycelium in optimal conditions until we start to fruit the cake, guaranteeing that it will not spoil in the meantime.

In this way, we can study our favourite strains of magic mushrooms at home, in a simple and efficient way, without having to worry about anything other than maintaining hygiene, humidity and temperature to enjoy and learn throughout the whole process.

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