Killer A5 Haze

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Here at Alchimia we're extremely happy to present Killer A5 Haze from ACE Seeds, without a doubt one of the finest Sativa hybrids on the market today. This powerhouse of exotic genetics combines the mythically rare A5 Haze with Killer Malawi, ACE's own highly popular and potent pure landrace variety. An absolute must-have for fans of Haze and landrace genetics, Killer A5 Haze is the complete Sativa package, offering huge yields and an extremely potent psychedelic and narcotic effect. Available now as feminised cannabis seeds in our online grow shop!

Killer A5 Haze - One of the most powerful Sativa hybrids available today

This hybrid uses A5 Haze as a mother, a very rare and sought-after elite clone that was bred and selected by one of the most influential breeders ever and founder of the world's first cannabis seed bank, Nevil Schoenmakers. Considered by Nevil to be his best Haze female, its genetics are Northern Lights #5 x Haze and, because the particular "Haze A" male used was lost before seeds could be made in quantity, the resulting A5 Haze is very rare indeed and has gained almost mythical status among Haze obsessives and Sativa lovers.

On the other side of the cross we have the flagship landrace Sativa of the ACE Seeds catalogue: Malawi Killer. Growing vigorously and capable of delivering huge yields of large, resinous colas, Malawi has been hailed as the strongest pure Sativa on the market, there's no doubt that it's for those seeking an extremely powerful and all-encompassing, psychedelic high and is definitely not for occasional smokers. The same can be said for this hybrid, which combines the best features of both these elite clones yet somehow seems to amplify and increase the potency of the effect.

Killer A5 Haze - with the biggest yields in the ACE Seeds catalogue

Killer A5 Haze is well adapted to indoor growing, where its moderate internode length, good strong secondary branching and dense flower structure mean that huge yields of top-quality buds are possible when enough light intensity is used. A vigorous-growing hybrid, ACE Seeds recommend switching the plants to a flowering photoperiod 15 days after germination to ensure they have enough room in your grow space. It is highly suitable for SOG growing where it centres the production on the central cola, or alternatively in SCROG cultivation, where it responds to pruning with exuberant horizontal branching. It can also be grown outdoors with great success in warmer climates that are hot in summer and dry in autumn as the very dense buds in some phenotypes can mean that keeping humidity low is imperative. Expect to harvest outdoor plants from late October to early November. with truly massive yields possible.

Four phenotypes can be found in Killer A5 Haze:

  1. Haze-dominant phenotype with more Colombian influence from the Haze A male, giving very large colas with woody, incense aromas and great resin coverage and flowering in 75-90 days.
  2. NL/Haze pheno that most echoes the A5 mother, with highly-resinous, rounded buds with foxtail re-flowerings, a faster bloom period and a smaller overall size, due to the Northern Lights influence, finishing after 66-80 days.
  3. Haze/Malawi balanced phenotype giving massive, dense colas covered in resin like the Malawi and with typical Haze aromas and the oily touches of Malawi, ready to harvest after 75-85 days flowering.
  4. Malawi-dominant phenotype, hugely productive and resinous, with the large trichomes and swollen bracts so typical of Malawi, giving the buds an uncannily silver appearance and finishing flowering after 75-85 days.

This is the most productive Sativa hybrid in the ACE Seeds catalogue, as well as showing the highest THC levels in laboratory analysis of any ACE variety to date.

Killer A5 Haze - up to 30% THC!

Killer A5 Haze offers aromas that are reminiscent of the classic Dutch Hazes, with rich incense dominating, against a woody and organic, rotten background and notes of liver and meat, topped off with floral hints of decomposing flower petals.

The high is extremely potent, psychedelic, long-lasting and complex, starting with trippy alterations to sensory perception, leading to laughter and hilarity before progressing to a more introspective, contemplative state and finally to a physically heavy, narcotic sensation. The potency of this variety, with up to 30% THC content, can lead to panic and/or complete physical debilitation for inexperienced smokers or those with low tolerance to THC. Consume with caution!

ACE Seeds Killer A5 Haze info:

  • Sex: Feminised seeds
  • Genetics: A5 Haze (Northern Lights #5 x Haze A) x Malawi Killer
  • Genotype: 80/20% Sativa-Indica
  • Flowering indoors: 9-12 weeks
  • Harvest outdoors: late October/early November
  • Yield: Very high
  • Height: Medium
  • THC: up to 30%

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