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Mango Haze Marijuana is a parallel offspring to the Super Silver Haze, that means that it has the same Skunk father plant but the mother plant NL5/Haze is a sister plant of the female used for the Super Silver Haze.

These two females of NL5/Haze were selected from over 1000 plants grown outdoors for the very famous breeders Neville and Shantibaba.

So the Mango Haze is a genetically set of a 25% Northern Lights # 5, a 25% Skunk # 1 and a 50% Haze.

It's Flowering time will vary according to the selected female, and generally last from 8 to 11 weeks, as most of the 50% Sativa hybrids on indoor.

If the grow room doesn't have much height, it's advisable to start the crop directly with flowering cycle 12/12 from seed or rooted cuttings. The final size of the plants will vary between 100 and 150 cm.

The yield of Mango Haze varies between 450g and 550g per square meter of crop (using a 600 W light bulb). The lower branches can be pruned during growth ,with the purpose that the plants put all their energy into the huge branches of buds on the top. A good way to manage these plants is growing in SOG

One of the most interesting traits of this strain is that it's resistant to mildew both indoors and outdoors.

The Mango Haze is a very interesting plant because of its high resin production and its pleasant aroma of ripened mango. It's a very special plant which will certainly have a remarkable place in the minds of its growers.

This strain, which has given much happiness in form of Cannabis Cups of the High Times magazine to its creators, has an amazing genealogy. This plant is for sale for a while but the team of Mr. Nice Seeds continues appreciating its immense value.

If the snake from the Garden of Eden had tempted Eve with a Mango Haze instead of a mere apple, the world would have been better ...

This strain will stimulate all your senses at once and in different ways. If you look for a plant to impress your friends then here you have ...

Features of Mango Haze from Mr. Nice Seeds:

  • Regular seeds
  • Genetics: NL # 525%, Skunk # 1 25%, Haze 50% (25% Haze "A" and 25% Haze "C")
  • Breeder: Nevil and Shantibaba
  • Cropping Field: Earth or hydroponics, indoor, outdoor or greenhouse
  • Yield: Indoors you can expect to get between 450g and 550g per square meter, but an experienced grower can produce more. On outdoor and greenhouse the harvest can become exceptional
  • Flowering time: flowering generally last between 8-11 weeks indoors. Outdoors it will be ready for harvest in October in Southern Europe.

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Opinions about Mango Haze and questions


nasty_orc 15-05-2020 thanks for the quick reply! I'm looking for this train because I smoked it in Amsterdam 2 years ago (at catmona) and it was the most special and unique tasting weed I have ever encountered. I have tried blueberry for example, iy has a different sort of fruitiness that doesn't compare to this. in fact never in my life have I smoked such a fruity and tasty strain. so could you please recommend something that is similar to this if you've ever tried it?


Alchimia Grow Shop 26-05-2020

Hi again! Wow, it sounds like you had. great experience with the Mango Haze. There are loads of fruity strains around these days, over the last few years the whole "fruity" thing has become huge and now we've got all varieties of candy flavours to choose from, it just depends what kind of effect you're looking for. I would recommend using our Seed Selector to find the prefect variety for you, for example, you could filter seeds by "Haze genetics" and "Fruity flavour" and you'd get results that would offer a similar high and effect to the Mango Haze, and with a range of fruit flavours to select from. In fact, whatever kind of cannabis variety you're looking for, the Seed Selector will help you find it!

I hope that helps, best wishes and happy growing!


nasty_orc 14-05-2020 are the seeds feminised?


Alchimia Grow Shop 15-05-2020

Hi, thanks for asking, they are in fact regular seeds. I'll edit the information to reflect that. I'd highly recommend these seeds and anything from Mr. Nice seed bank, but if you absolutely have to grow feminised seeds, the closest things we have to this are probably Arjan's Ultra Haze 2 by Green house Seeds and CBD Mango Haze from CBD Crew, if you like CBD, of course! I hope that helps, best wishes and happy growing!

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