Cli-mate's Mini Controller Humi or Mini Grower

Cli-mate's Mini Controller Humi or Mini Grower
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Cli-mate's Mini Controller Humi, also called Mini Grower is an "all-in-one" controller that greatly facilitates the control tasks of the fully automated growing environment.

We know that the growing environment is vitally important to get the best crops and produce in an indoor cannabis crop. For this reason, the Cli-mate Mini Controller Humi will quickly become your best ally.

What does the Cli-mate Mini Controller Humi control?

Control of the temperatures

Grow Lamps: The Cli-mate Mini Controller Humi controls from 2 to 4 lamps, depending onthe model. It has a high quality timer, graduated in increments of 15 minutes, to adjust the photoperiod to the growth or flowering phase. It has 3 positions, 100%, off and automatic.

The controller is also equipped with a safety fuse to avoid damage in case of voltage spikes.

Temperature control and air renovation

Extractor fans: Temperature control is achieved by extracting hot air from the grow space. In this case the Cli-mate Mini Controller Humi controls an intake fan and an extractor simultaneously and with the same power of operation, which can be easily adjusted using a wheel. Adjusting the minimum and maximum extraction power as well as the hysteresis is fast and quiet.

If the temperature is in the range desired by the grower, the extractors operate at the selected minimum power (% min). If the temperature increases, the extractors will work at the maximum power chosen by the user (% max) until within the chosen temperature range again.

Low temperature control

Radiator or heater: Automatically activates a radiator to maintain a suitable temperature, to not fall below the set temperature. In winter, or depending on where we live, cold weather can directly affect temperatures, which can have a negative impact on the crop. In this case the controller activates the radiator if the temperature is lower than that indicated, then it switches off automatically.

Control of ambient humidity in the crop

Humidifier: Turns the humidifier on and off according to relative humidity in the growing space. If the ambient humidity is lower than that selected, the controller activates the humidifier which will deactivate until the moisture has returned within the selected parameters.

Dehumidifier: the opposite of the humidifier: if the relative humidity is too high, the controller activates the dehumidifier until the relative humidity is lowered to the selected level.

Hysteresis: The hysteresis can be manually set, degree by degree, on a scale of 1º to 7º. The higher the hysteresis, the sooner the devices will start, to avoid switching on and off too frequently.

ON/OFF/100% button: This is the main button that offers 3 options: ON, it works according to the criteria defined by the user. OFF completely deactivates the device. With the 100% function the controller activates the extractor and the intake fans at 100% capacity.

Cli-Mate Mini Controller Humi info:

  • Heating socket: Max 3500w per socket
  • Lamp socket: max. 600w per socket
  • Type of protection: IP44
  • Dimensions: 240 x 190 x 100 mm
  • Range of temperature: 5-55ºC
  • Moisture range: 20-100% rH
  • Power source: 1 phase 220/240V - 50Hz
  • Switching differential: 1ºC / ± 5% rH per step

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