Cimate control

Co2 generator 8 propane burners

CO2 is an excellent and inexpensive option to be considered for growers looking to improve their indoor production, or those who want to grow using high temperatures in summer. This CO2 generator operates with 8 propane burners, generating enough ca [...]

  • (Product sold out)489.00€

Portable air conditioning

This 3000 BTU portable air conditioner is ideal for the hottest time of the year, keeping your grow room at temperatures low enough to allow indoor cannabis cultivation at the height of summer. The unit has a capacity of 3000 BTU and 750 BTU per hou [...]

  • Model: PC9-DM2A (Product sold out)379.00€

Can-Fan EC Controller Digital presents Can-Fan EC Controller Digital, a device designed to optimise the climate control of our indoor grow tent by automatizing the turbines on and off switch. Can-Fan EC Digital Controller, for Can Fan Max-Fan PRO EC and Q-Max EC [...]

  • 145.50€

Fan Controller 5 Speed 5 Amp

Alchimia Grow Shop presents Fan Controller 5 Speed 5 AMP, a device to regulate ventilation fans and CO2 in your room or indoor marijuana grow tent. Fan Controller 5 speed 5 AMP, ventilation fan and CO2 control This simple controller has a 5A maximu [...]

  • (Product sold out)95.00€


Cli-Mate's Trafo-Controller is a temperature controller that adjusts the power of the extractor automatically for optimised temperature control in our grow space. It completely reduces the noise caused by the extractors when power increases or decre [...]

  • (Product sold out)190.00€

Solenoid valve for CO2 kit with disposable bottle

This solenoid valve for CO2 kit with disposable bottle is an electronic valve that allows us, by means of electric current, to open and close the valve of the Co2 bottle. While connected to the current the solenoid valve allows the CO2 to pass, and [...]

  • 45.00€

Fan Controller

Alchimia present the Fan Controller from Cli-Mate, an ideal climate controller designed to maintain optimal temperatures in your indoor grow room in a silent and efficient way. This compact electronic device is perfect to control the temperature of [...]

  • (Product sold out)60.00€

Air comfort Purple Sensor

Air Confort Purple Sensor is a temperature and humidity sensor with bluetooth technology wirelessly connected to the Air Confort App installed in a smart phone. Temperature and humidity in our cultivation room is then obtained, recorded and stored. [...]

  • (Product sold out)35.00€

Twin Controller Humi

The Twin Controller Humi from Cli-Mate is an air, temperature and humidity controller. This unit will allow us to easily maintain our grow space at a climate 100% optimised for our plants and to obtain the best possible results. It is a very similar [...]

  • 169.00€

Twin Controller

The Twin Controller from Cli-Mate is an air and temperature controller with the ability to control an extractor and an intake fan, as well as controlling negative pressure to prevent odour leakage from the grow space.The Twin Controller is an ideal a [...]

  • 125.00€

Lighthouse Wireless Thermostat

Light House Wireless Thermostat is an ingenious wireless thermostat, it is created to control extractors or intractors without cables in indoor grow tents or cultivation open rooms. It has two functions, heat and cold, so that it can be connected [...]

  • (Product sold out)34.00€

Cli-mate Temperature Controller

This climate controller from Cli-mate is an electronic device that controls the temperature of the grow via the extractor fans, for optimal indoor temperatures. On the side of the climate control box are sockets to connect two extractors which will [...]

  • 175.00€

Mini Controller

The Cli-Mate Mini Controller is an all-in-one controller, simple to program and use to maintain the optimum indoor cultivation environment. The Mini Controller can control two sets of 600w, or 4 sets of 600w depending on the model, and is fitted wit [...]

  • 2x600w199.00€
  • 4x600w208.00€

Cli-mate's Mini Controller Humi or Mini Grower

Cli-mate's Mini Controller Humi, also called Mini Grower is an "all-in-one" controller that greatly facilitates the control tasks of the fully automated growing environment. We know that the growing environment is vitally important to get the best c [...]

  • 4x600 7A248.00€

Smart Controller 6.5A

Smart Controller is a temperature and extraction flow controller ideal to regulate our indoor grow room environment . This compact and easy-to-use device is based on a temperature sensor that measures the temperature of the grow chamber, to turn on, [...]

  • 85.00€

500g CO2 disposable cylinder

Spare 500g CO2 disposable cylinder for the Easy CO2 Kit , now available in Alchimiaweb. This CO2 cylinder is a replacement for this CO2 kit, allowing us to continue using this gas in our indoor grow room , thus improving the yields of our plants. W [...]

  • 22.00€

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