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Smart Controller 6.5A

Smart Controller is a temperature and extraction flow controller ideal to regulate our indoor grow room environment . This compact and easy-to-use device is based on a temperature sensor that measures the temperature of the grow chamber, to turn on, turn off and adjust the power of our extractor fans.

The extractor fan connects to the Smart Controller and we program the desired grow room temperature. When the sensor reads that the temperature is higher than desired, the extractor starts to evacuate the warm air.

The extractor will then continue to operate until the temperature is below the programmed temperature. With the Smart Controller we can also modulate the power of the extractors, as it's not always best to operate at maximum speed, allowing better control and optimisation of indoor temperatures.

The Smart Controller helps us to maintain optimal climate control all year round. It is configured with a 3º hysteresis and a top quality sensor, to prevent the extraction or intake system from switching on and off constantly.

Cli-mate Smart Controller 6.5A info:

  • Up to 5 amps
  • Assignment of temperature: Left hand dial
  • Power control: Right hand dial
  • Plug/Extractor connection
  • Easy installation
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