Mosca Seeds

Mosca Seeds

Alchimia are happy to present Mosca Seeds, a cannabis seed bank producing regular seeds and developing high quality genetics through its own sharp selections, as well as employing elite clones of the very best North American cultivars.

Mosca Seeds continues to gain new admirers, thanks to the great breeding work behind each variety, stabilising crossbreeding, maintaining and combining the best characteristics of the genetics used, in order to create new vigorous, potent and fragrant lines.

In its hybrids, Mosca Seeds uses legendary varieties like Cinderella 99 (C99), Old Time Moonshine, Indiana Bubblegum, as well as more modern genetics such as Gorilla Glue (GG4), Og Kush, Girl Scout Cookies…

Working with mainly Indica genetics, Mosca Seeds hybrids are very powerful and rich in flavour, being simple to cultivate indoors thanks to their easily controllable size and fast flowering, from 6 to 9 weeks, and are also suitable for cultivators of all levels of skill and experience .

If you want to discover the quality, aromas and power of the best American cannabis strains, Mosca Seeds is without a doubt a good starting point for selecting champion clones. Never Stop Flying!

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Ripple by Mosca Seeds - Mosca Seeds

Ripple from Mosca Seeds is a cannabis variety created by crossing two famous premium lines: Stinky Le Pew x Old Time Moonshine, resulting in a pot [...]

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