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Cannabis cosmetics with CBD for pain and skin problems

The latest clinical research showed that Cannabidiol CBD is effective to reduce symptoms of rheumatoid polyarthritis, diabetes, alcoholism, for the treatment of posttraumatic stress disorder, epilepsy, antibiotic resistant infections, and neurological disorders.

Trompetol and Cannabios products (Naturfyt BIO) represent a unique breakthrough in the world of cosmetics, being the first to use the CBD - natural 100% bio cannabis extract - in their formulas.

We therefore propose cannabis cosmetics, such as ointments and salves for skin care, and food products made ??from marijuana, such as leaves from organically grown hemp for use in infusions.

These products are manufactured with a total respect for nature and will allow you to use the marijuana plant in different ways in order to make the best use of its numerous advantages, both for health and for skin beauty.

Keep in mind that these different cannabis products contain no THC and therefore do not cause the psychoactive effects of cannabis.

Featured products in CBD Pharmaceuticals and Cosmetics

Featured offers CBD Pharmaceuticals and Cosmetics


Naturel Desir CBD pleasure gel

Naturel Desir CBD is a lubricant gel containing Cannabidiol, designed to stimulate and improve sensations during sex as well as to increase sensuality and enhance lubrication and orgasm, it is now available at Alchimiaweb.com. It reduces tension and [...]

  • 35.00€ 33.25€

Pharma Hemp CBD Balm 1%

Alchimia presents here Pharma Hemp CBD Balm 1%, made of vegetable oils and supercritical CO2 hemp extraction. The formula contains a blend of hemp seeds oil, coconut oil and grape seeds oil, with beeswax and shea butter and cocoa, a formula for a cr [...]

  • 30 ml19.90€ 17.90€
  • 100 ml59.90€ 53.90€

Enecta Facial Cleanser with CBD

Alchimia presents Enecta Facial Cleanser with CBD (200mg), a cleansing gel with CBD for the face and neck, removes impurities and protects the skin's pH. Effective gel cleanser for all skin types, including sensitive or acne-prone skin. Enecta Facia [...]

  • 200mg - 200 ml21.95€

Enecta Anti-wrinkle cream with CBD (700mg)

Alchimia presents Enecta Anti-wrinkle cream with CBD, a facial daily care cream that protects and regenerates the skin. This anti-aging cream helps to maintain a youthful skin. Its formula contains several antioxidants, including CBD and high Vitamin [...]

  • 50 ml54.95€

Enecta Facial Moisturiser with CBD

Alchimia presents Enecta Facial Moisturiser with CBD (350mg), a daily hydrating cream for facial care. It can be used as a day and night moisturiser. Its unique Enecta formula contains hemp seed oil and CBD, which acts as an excellent sebum regulator [...]

  • 350 mg - 50 ml39.95€

Trompetol Ecco Tea Tree and Rosemary

Alchimia presents Trompetol Ecco Tea Tree and Rosemary, an ointment formulated for skin care, pain relief caused by shock, joint aches and muscle spasms. Olive and hemp oils combined with tea tree and rosemary essential oils create a synergy that gi [...]

  • 28 ml8.75€
  • 100 ml. (Out of stock)22.55€
  • 285 ml.50.50€

Enecta Body Lotion with CBD

Alchimia presents Enecta Body Lotion with CBD (200mg), a moisturising lotion for daily body skin care. This CBD-rich lotion protects all skin types, including the most delicate skin. It is very light and easy to apply, with quick absorption. The for [...]

  • 200mg - 200 ml29.95€

Enecta Lip Balm Stick CBD

Alchimia presents Enecta Lip Balm Stick CBD (50mg), for a complete and natural lip care. It is a practical and effective lip balm in stick format. It hydrates and protects the lips from infections and external agents by forming a protective film bas [...]

  • 50mg9.95€

Green Factor CBD Patches

Green Factor CBD Transdermal Patches are indicated to help relieve muscle pain and reduce anxiety problems. Each patch contains 10 mg of CBD Premium broad spectrum. Its application is simple; the patch is sticked to the skin and doses its contents f [...]

  • 4 x 10 mg21.99€

Trompetol Hemp Tattoo Salve

Hemp Salve Tattoo by Trompetol is a cream specially developed to care for recently tattooed skin. Composed of vaseline and herbal extracts, Hemp Salve Tattoo protects the skin by forming a protective film, and prevents drying out. Hemp Salve's prop [...]

  • 50 ml12.50€

Calming Moisturising Cream with CBD

Alchimia presents Calming Moisturising Cream with CBD, an ideal product for sensitive and rosaceous skins that acts as a soothing and anti-inflammatory, restoring the natural skin tone. Calming Moisturising Cream with CBD for sensitive skins The Ca [...]

  • 30 ml20.00€

Crema con CBD para pieles sensibles

Alchimia presents CBD Cream for Sensitive Skin, a product that combines all-natural ingredients with CBD. It is ideal for topical use on scaly, irritated or psoriasis skin, thanks to its high nourishing, regenerating, antifungal and soothing properti [...]

  • 50 ml35.00€

Anti-Aging Moisturiser Cream with CBD

Now available at Alchimia, Anti-Aging Moisturising Cream with CBD, firms the skin and restores elasticity, acting against age spots. Anti-Aging Moisturiser with CBD, improves skin texture The Anti-Aging Moisturising Cream with CBD is for daily use, [...]

  • 30 ml20.00€

Shampoo with CBD

Shampoo with CBD, cleanser and hair strengthener of plant origin with surfactants and pea protein with anti-inflammatory effect for sensitive scalps. Now available in the Alchimia catalogue. Shampoo with CBD, hair cleanser and strengthener with anti [...]

  • 200 ml33.00€

Facial Elixir with CBD

Facial Elixir with CBD, the best facial CBD product of 2021. It improves the health of the skin and regenerates the tissues by improving circulation, it contains CBD, vitamins and Passion Fruit and Bulgarian Rose oils. Now available at Alchimia Facia [...]

  • 30 ml29.99€

Eye and Wrinkle Serum with CBD

Pura Vida Organic Eye and Wrinkle Serum with CBD reduces puffiness and improves the eye contour, giving rise to firmer eyelids. The Eyes and Wrinkle Serum with CBD is now available at Alchimia . Eye and Wrinkle Serum with CBD for dark circles and wr [...]

  • 10 ml32.00€

Sérum Akné 1% CBD

Alchimia presents Akné Serum with CBD, the best product selected in the Organics Clean Awards. It is a serum to treat skin prone to acne and blackheads, with CBD and a specific natural composition. Akné Serum with CBD, best CBD product [...]

  • 30 ml (Out of stock)38.00€

1% CBD Conditioner Mask for Hair

Conditioning mask with CBD, softens, treats, repairs and nourishes the hair, leaving it much silkier and improving its handling, increasing volume without frizz. The 1% CBD Conditioning Mask is now available online at Alchimia. Conditioning mask wit [...]

  • 100 ml (Out of stock)38.00€

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