Digital scales

In this section you'll find different types of digital scales, from pocket scales to diversion scales.

These scales are mostly used to weigh plants and extracts, but also solid nutrients and pesticides.

Notice that high capacity scales - 5 and 7 kilos - are included in the 0.1 gram category although their accuracy is 1g.

You'll find the best and most reliable brands on the market, like Tanita or Kenex.

Featured offers Digital scales

Tanita KP-400M Scale

170.05€ 179.00€

Tanita 1479j2 Scale

137.75€ 145.00€

1475T Tanita Scale

113.05€ 119.00€

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OnBalance Flex Digital Scale

We present Flex Scale 0.01-200g, a new model by OnBalance Scales. It is equipped with a white LCD display, a stainless-steel plat [...]

  • 0.01-200g (Out of stock) 12.64€ 12.00€

OnBalance Myco MX Digital Scale

OnBalance Myco MX Scale, with a sleek and compact design, offers an incredible value. The durable plastic cover protects the precision weighing se [...]

  • 0.01g – 100g 9.60€

OnBalance Nutri-1000 Digital Scale

We present OnBalance Nutri-1000 Scale 0.1-1000g, specially designed to accurately measure and prepare nutrient solutions. This scale features a flip-top design wit [...]

  • 0,1 - 1000 g (Out of stock) 12.64€

OnBalance SBM RAS Digital Scale

We present OnBalance SBM RAS Scale 0.01-100g for GrowShops. It offers a a foldable silicone bowl and extra-large LCD screen, certainly precision and comfort. It fe [...]

  • 0.01 - 100 g 16.80€

OnBalance 710 Pro Extraction Scale Kit

We present the Extraction Scale Kit 710 Pro 0.01-100g, which includes everything required to accurately weigh all types of concentrates, several weighing c [...]

  • 0.01 - 100 g 43.20€

OnBalance KB-5000 Digital Scale

Alchimia presents OnBalance KB-5000 Digital Scale, a reliable and versatile tool designed especially for cannabis enthusiasts. No doubt, in the cannabis world, pre [...]

  • 1 - 5000 g 31.00€

Button Battery LR44 1,5V

Button batteries are used in many electronic devices, such as pH and EC meters, electronic balances . Seen that there are a few models [...]

  • 1 Battery 1.00€

Tanita KP-400M Scale

We present KP-400M Scale by Tanita, with a weight capacity of up to 400g and a 0.2g graduation accuracy. It provides a high level of accur [...]

  • 0.2g - 400g 179.00€ 170.05€

Digital Scale Fuzion Pro

Digital Scale Fuzion Pro 0.01 - 300 g The Fuzion Pro 0.01 - 300 g is an electronic precision laboratory scale (0.01), with a huge bright blue backlit display, a windshie [...]

  • 0.01 - 300 g 150.00€

1475T Tanita Scale

Tanita 1475T 1-1.200 g scale is the perfect choice for those looking for a reliable and accurate scale in the cannabis sector. With a weighing capacity of up to [...]

  • 1-1200gr 119.00€ 113.05€

OnBalance Intrepid Digital Scale

We are proud to introduce the new Intrepid series scales from OnBalance. These scales have been built to provide users with much higher capacity and better readability [...]

  • 0.1 - 5000 g 58.40€

Tanita 1479j2 Scale

Tanita 1479j2 Digital Scale, with a focus on precision and functionality, is a small scale perfect for measuring amounts up to 200g with a 0.01g graduation. [...]

  • 0.01-200g 145.00€ 137.75€

OnBalance Senso Carat Digital Scale

Alchimia presents OnBalance Senso Carat 0.001g-50g scale, specially designed for your GrowShop! This carat scale is perfect for hobbyists and grow professionals alike [...]

  • 0,001-50 g 76.80€ 72.95€
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