Digital scales

In this section you'll find different types of digital scales, from pocket scales to diversion scales.

These scales are mostly used to weigh plants and extracts, but also solid nutrients and pesticides.

Notice that high capacity scales - 5 and 7 kilos - are included in the 0.1 gram category although their accuracy is 1g.

You'll find the best and most reliable brands on the market, like Tanita or Kenex.

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  • 7.5''-9''2.12€ 1.65€
  • 9"-10.5"2.37€ 1.85€
  • 10,5''-12''2.47€ 1.95€
  • 12.5'' - 14.5''2.92€ 2.30€
  • 15.5"-18"3.98€ 3.15€
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