Soil heating cables

RootIT Heat Mat Thermostat

From the hand of Root it arrives this thermostat for heat mats, with wich we can control the temperature that we want to reach our germinating / rooting media for cuttings. Simply insert the temperature sensor inside the small plastic greenhouse, pl [...]

  • EU-UK plug (Product sold out)35.00€

RootIt Heat Mat

Directly from the hand of RootIt arrives to Alchimia the flexible heat mats designed to increase the root temperature of your plants or like a complement to your cutting germinating or rooting media. Available in three sizes (small 25x35 cm / medi [...]

  • Small 25x35cm (Product sold out)32.75€
  • Medium 40x60cm (Product sold out)44.90€
  • Large 40x120 cm (Product sold out)65.00€

Tubular heater for small greenhouse

The small tubular heater is already available in Alchimiaweb, with which you can avoid cold temperatures in your small indoor growing space. In this way, the temperature of your grow room will always be more constant, what is to say, your plants wil [...]

  • (Product sold out)40.00€

Tubular heater for small greenhouse

Now available at Alchimia is a tubular electric heater, designed to improve the ambient temperature of your greenhouse or indoor marijuana growing space. With this cylindrical design heater you can keep the cold at bay in your indoor cannabis growin [...]

  • (Product sold out)55.00€

Tubular heater for large greenhouse

Now available at Alchimiaweb is a cylindrical electric heater, designed to improve the air temperature in your greenhouse or your indoor cannabis growing space. With this metal tubular design heater , you can control the fluctuations of cold in you [...]

  • (Product sold out)58.00€

Heat Cable or Cord 25 w - 4.3 m

Heat cable/cord used as extra heat source for small greenhouses where seeds are germinated or cuttings are rooted, especially in the winter time, in which it is convenient to keep the right temperature and thus reduce the risks as to ensure germinati [...]

  • 29.95€

Thermal cord - 15 w

15w waterproof thermal cord. This cord is useful to increase the soil temperature with seedlings or when rooting in mini greenhouses or nurseries, ensuring proper moisture and thermal stability, facilitating sprouting/germination. Flexible cable le [...]

  • (Product sold out)20.70€

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