Vaporizer Arizer Extreme Q

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The electrical vaporizer Extreme Q from the famous Canadian manufacturer Arizer is currently one of the equipments with the best value in the market of vaporizers. This device allows you to consume marijuana without burning in order to have a minimal impact on health, so it is widely used in the world of medical marihuana.

This vaporizer, thanks to its many functions, it is very versatile. The materials used for its construction are of high quality so it make of this a robust and healthy equipment.

The borosilicate glass has been used in the most important parts, especially those parts exposed to high temperatures, as it is a resistant material of medical grade: it doesn't alter the flavors during the vaporization as may occur with other vaporizers that use metal parts, but it also preserves all the aromas of vaporized plants.

Ceramic heater allows us to quickly reach the desired temperature, which is measured at 3 different points to ensure that it is correct in each area.

Its digital display will indicate with precison the temperature of the chamber, and it will allow us to choose 3 ventilation speeds to adjust the desired air flow at all times. We can also adjust to 9 different temperatures according to the material to vaporize.

Extreme Q from Arizer goes with a remote control to control the vaporizer without moving. In addition, we can schedule within 2h to 4h, for the vaporizer off automatically.

A tube and a balloon let us choose between two mode of use: directly inhale the steam by the tube or accumulate it on the balloon to consume it later. It includes plastic nozzles to consume it with friends with a perfect hygiene.

The Vaporizer Extreme Q from Arizer is also equipped with accessories that allow us to vaporize essential oils or heat other substances: You can use it for much longer than with a simple vaporizer or aromatherapy equipment!

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