10cc Flower Anti-Oidium Fungicide

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Anti-Oidium Fungicide Flower Huerta 10cc is a phyto-sanitary product to prevent and combat cannabis fungal diseases, now available in our catalogue at Alchimiaweb.com

Flower Anti-Oidium Fungicide, systemic and effective against fungi

This systemic fungicide is absorbed by the plant and distributed in all its tissues, acting in depth to combat fungi effectively and preventing their establishment.

Tetraconazol 12.5% is the active principle, with a mineral composition, effective against Oidium, powdery mildew, white spots, rust and anthracnose, among other fungi.

To use the product, we will dilute 10cc (all bottle content) in 15L of water or 1ml/L of water, and spray well both sides of the leaves and branches of your cannabis plants.

Flower Anti-Oidium Fungicide, to prevent and treat

We will apply it every 15 days as a preventive measure, and once a week as a treatment, if the plant is already infected the treatment is applied with the indoor lighting system switched off or at the end of the day when cultivated outdoors.

If the product is used in the flowering stage, it is important not to spray the buds and discontinue it at least 3 weeks before harvest, to ensure no residues are left in the bud tissues which could affect its quality or be harmful to our health.

In the light of this information, the product can be used both in indoor and outdoor cannabis cultivation, ensuring that fungal attacks are quickly and effectively eliminated.

Anti-Oidium Fungicide Flower Huerta 10cc info:

  • Mineral fungicide
  • Active principle: Tetraconazol 12.5%
  • Effective against oidium, mildew, rust and other fungi
  • Can be used as a preventive or treatment
  • Use recommended only during the vegetative growth stage
  • Dose: 1ml/l
  • Spray over the whole plant

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