Ventilation Accessories

Metal Duct Clips

Alchimia offers these metal duct clamps/jubilee clips, ideal for fixing your ventilation accessories correctly in your indoor cannabis growing areas. Equipped with a small screw and available in different sizes, these metal clips are perfect for sec [...]

  • 102mm0.80€
  • 127mm0.85€
  • 152mm0.90€
  • 315mm1.80€
  • 200mm0.95€

Large Stainless Jubilee clip/Hose clamp

These clamps help to securely fix all accessories within the growing space, and are now available online here at Alchimiaweb. These stainless steel Jubilee clips / Hose clamps are for example very useful to support the air ducts above the air extrac [...]

  • 60-110mm1.00€
  • 240-260mm1.40€
UP TO 40%

Anti insects filter

Alchimiaweb presents this anti-insect mesh for the outlet of your air extraction duct of your indoor marijuana growing space , designed for avoiding the entrance of insects, dust or other unwanted particles that would block the air outlet. Available [...]

  • 100mm5.90€ 5.00€
  • 125mm6.90€ 5.50€
  • 150mm7.90€ 4.70€
  • 200mm8.90€ 5.30€
  • 250mm9.90€ 7.90€
  • 315mm10.90€ 8.70€

Ona Control Duct - Large

Special piece designed to couple to the tubes of your extraction system, designed to control odors from our indoor marijuana growing box . This metal tube is manufactured as an accessory to the air output system in our crop, to work together with the [...]

  • Pro 25077.30€
  • Apple Crumble 25077.30€
  • Pro 31581.60€
  • Apple Crumble 31581.60€

Plastic end coupling for air ducts

Now available at Alchimiaweb, these practical plastic couplings allow you to connect extractor fans, active carbon filters and air ducts quickly and without problems. It is the final coupling, which can be used, for example, in the Isobox air extract [...]

  • 100mm1.50€
  • 125mm1.60€
  • 150mm2.00€
  • 200mm2.15€
  • 250mm2.50€
  • 315mm3.00€

Ona Control Duct

Accessory for air vents designed to remove odours from our indoor marijuana growing. This metal tube segment is designed as an accessory to complement the air extraction system in our indoor growing and to work with the anti-odour product Ona Block. [...]

  • Pro 125 (Product sold out)58.60€
  • Apple Crumble 125 (Product sold out)58.60€
  • Pro 15062.00€
  • Apple Crumble 15062.00€
  • Pro 20064.60€
  • Apple Crumble 20064.60€

SDS 200 rigid muffler

Now available on the website of Alchimia the rigid silencers SDS 200, manufactured in a metal tube with a porous foam inside, which is doing all the work. It should be placed right after the 200mm extractor, for the system to neutralize the sound an [...]

  • (Product sold out)75.00€ 67.45€

SDS 150 rigid muffler

Get in Alchimia the SDS 150 model rigid muffler, manufactured shaped like a metal tube with an inner filling made with a porous foam, which absorbs sound. Must be placed immediately after the 150mm extractor, This system ensures that the sound gener [...]

  • 65.00€ 52.00€

SDS 125 rigid muffler

The SDS 125 rigid muffler is designed as a metal tube, integrating a foam filling, then connecting next to the 125mm air extractor. It will reduce the generated noise and vibration. Now in Alchimia. It has a diameter of 125mm making it compatible wi [...]

  • 55.00€ 49.45€

SDS 100 rigid muffler

The SDS 100 rigid mufflers are metallic with a foam filling, and are connected next to the 100mm extractor , removing the noise excess and the annoying vibrations. Get yours in Alchimia. With a 100mm diameter that makes it compatible with extractors [...]

  • 45.00€ 36.00€

SDS 250 rigid muffler

Now you can get in Alchimia a rigid SDS silencer, with 250mm/315mm intakes. It has a cylindrical body made of metal, and it's filled with a cone-shaped porous foam that will reduce the noise generated by the extraction fan. This device is placed ju [...]

  • 250mm85.00€
  • 315mm99.00€

Non-returning flap

The non-returning flap is ideal for adapting it to the ventilation system of the growing. It facilitates the air to go outside but it doesn't let it to re-enter, making the double pressure for proper air renewal for the cultivation of cannabis. The [...]

  • 200mm diam20.00€
  • 250mm diam25.00€

Antinoise small box

Attenuate the sound of your tube ventilation equipment with these soundproof cubes. These useful boxes will help us to reduce the ambient noise of your crop, both for your comfort and convenience and to get maximum discretion. It is shipped assembl [...]

  • 100 mm60.00€
  • 125 mm60.00€

Antinoise medium box

Conceal further more your indoor growing using antinoise boxes. Designed to cover the air extraction fans of tubular format, while it absorbs the sound with a synthetic foam-like sponge. It reduces the noise generated by the biorhythm of the growin [...]

  • 150 mm70.00€
  • Antinoise box 200mm80.00€

Coupliing of 250mm diam

Coupling of 250mm of diameter ideal to attach easily the devices used for air extraction in indoor growing and also for the air extraction fans and carbon filter. [...]

  • 12.00€

250mm acoustic box

Now available in Alchimiaweb, this 250mm acoustic box is a tool designed to complement your air extraction system as it will act covering it, helping to reduce the generated noise. Add an acoustic box to your growing tent and have a quiet extraction [...]

  • 90.00€

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