Brothers Grimm Seeds

Brothers Grimm Seeds

Alchimaweb proudly presents the legendary seed company Brothers Grimm after they've finally come back to the cannabis market.

Established in 1996, this seed bank founded by Sly and Mr. Soul suspended its activity back in 2002 after inspiring a large number of new strains developed from some of their creations, like Cinderella 99 or the Apollo family.

They mainly develop fast, fruity and potent strains with Sativa dominance, used to create countless hybrids both in America and Europe.

In 2015 Mr. Soul decided to resume its activity as cannabis breeder and moved to Colorado with his own clones and seeds, jelously kept during all these years until the right moment arrived.

You'll find here classic strains like Cinderella 99, Rosetta Stone, Apollo 13, Killer Queen in regular form.

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