Cannabis Médical - Michka (French)

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Medicinal Cannabis has been used for centuries, so it is not surprising that its use continues nowadays, despite its prohibition. A growing number of Doctors are beginning to take the patient's side, and some judges are starting to prove them right.

We must also take into account the growth of demand that there is in the legal aspect of the use of this plant, as seen in Amsterdam coffeeshops - some of them born more than 30 years ago - or the new clubs born in California and Canada.

The Pharmaceutical Industry has understood the advantages that can be achieved through the many therapeutic applications of this prohibited plant, and are preparing to launch new ranges of drugs based on synthetic cannabinoids of THC and others. Medical cannabis has become the symbol of a struggle between herbal medicines and patents.

Because of these results and the data collected in this book about medical marijuana, we have a better understanding of the "European Cannabis" phenomenon (usually grown indoors with artificial light) as well as the reasons why the original plant is being replaced by sinthesized products.

With texts written by different specialists - doctors and patients - and a rich iconography, Cannabis Médical, from Indian hemp to synthesized THC sheds new light on the issues surrounding this complex plant, the Cannabis sativa L.

Language: French

ISBN 978-2-84594-155-7
EAN 9782845941557

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