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Sagerbloom Haze F2 - Dark Horse Genetics

Now in the regular seed catalogue here at Alchimia Grow Shop: Sagerbloom Haze F2, a sativa-dominant cannabis hybrid created by Dark Horse Genetics, for high yields and a powerful psychedelic effect. This cross between Super Silver Haze and Grimace O [...]

  • 10 seeds80.00€

Chem Berry D - Dark Horse Genetics

Chem Berry D from the US seed bank Dark Horse Genetics is a Sativa/Indica cannabis hybrid, characterised for its power, aroma, production and quality. This cross of Chem D x Strawberry Sour Diesel is high in THC, with plants testing at a maximum of [...]

  • 10 seeds (Product sold out)80.00€

Strawberry Diesel F2 - Dark Horse Genetics

Stawberry Diesel F2 by Dark Horse Genetics is limited edition re-release of the world famous cannabis classic Strawberry Sour Diesel. This exciting hybrid was originally created by crossing two cannabis giants: Sour Diesel & Strawberry Cough, and [...]

  • 10 seeds (Product sold out)80.00€

Hulkamania - Dark Horse Genetics

Hulkamania from Colorado-based seed bank Dark Horse Genetics is a new cannabis poly-hybrid combining three world famous strains: Zkittlez x Dosi-Dos x Bruce Banner #3 resulting in a powerful, potent and very tasty&n [...]

  • (Product sold out)90.00€

Savage Hulk - Dark Horse Genetics

Alchimia Grow Shop presents regular cannabis seeds of Savage Hulk from Dark Horse Genetics, an extremely powerful and resinous sativa dominant hybrid. Savage Hulk from Dark Horse an hybrid of Bruce Banner #5 x Zkittlez x Do-Si-Do [...]

  • 10 seeds (Product sold out)90.00€

Orange Blossom Fizz - Dark Horse Genetics

Orange Blossom Fizz is a Sativa/Indica cannabis hybrid from Dark Horse Genetics, created by crossing two high quality strains, namely Orange Mint x Joe's Lemon, giving a fresh, tropical flavour like an orange sorbet with lemon notes. Now available on [...]

  • 80.00€

Kings Banner - Dark Horse Genetics

Kings Banner is a variety created by Dark Horse Genetics. A cross between Bruce Banner cannabis and King Louie OG resulting in a hybrid that combines their power and complex flavours. Now available in the Alchimia cannabis seed catalogue! This Indic [...]

  • 10 seeds (Product sold out)80.00€

Gamma Berry - Dark Horse Genetics

Gamma Berry is a mostly Sativa variety developed by Dark Horse Genetics and is the result of backcrossing Bruce Banner #5 with Strawberry Diesel to reinforce its strawberry jam smell and increase flower production. Now available in the regular seed c [...]

  • 10 seeds80.00€

Double Lemon Pie - Dark Horse Genetics

Alchimiaweb.com presents regular seeds of Double Lemon Pie from Dark Horse Genetics, a hybrid with acidic, citrus aromas, perfect for making resin extractions, due to its incredibly high production of trichomes. It was created by crossing Lemon [...]

  • 10 seeds (Product sold out)80.00€

Lemon Jedi OG - Dark Horse Genetics

Lemon Jedi is a variety developed by Dark Horse Genetics to deliver extreme potency and enormous yields of resin and terpenes, now online in the regular seed collection here at Alchimia Grow Shop. This polyhybrid is the result of crossing Obi Wan OG [...]

  • 10 seeds (Product sold out)80.00€

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