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Another legend created in the United States of America. The genetic history of this strain is too long to explain here, but it basically comes from the ChemDawg line, a curious genetic that is said to need chemical fertilizer in order to really give the intense and lasting, sweet and tasty flavor that many growers seek.

When it is organically grown it is called Dawg, and when grown chemically is called Chem. From this strain, that came to NYC through a grower who got the cuttings, a crossing with a Superskunk x Northern Lights was made, giving rise to the Diesel line, which was named like this because of its smell of petroleum when fresh. You should know that it is one of the best sold strains in the U.S., which says a lot about its popularity.

The strong points of this strain are the very characteristic taste of lemon-lime, tangerine, together with a touch of diesel fuel. It is also very persistent in certain specimens. This flavour and aroma are the main reason for the success of this strain, but another factor that helps it be so popular is the light and manageable sativa effect that it has. Indeed, it is a light, not extreme, non heavy and easily manageable effect that gradually disappears. A very bearable plant by its low levels of CBD, with a much more cerebral than physical effect.

Very easy to grow, it moderately resists mildew in cold outdoor areas, and gives no mold problem in Mediterranean areas. Limited growth, light green colour, and an excellent production make it a great choice for the outdoor garden, especially if taste is the No. 1 factor. A well-known Spanish grower from www.cannabiscafe.net Forum said after testing the Diesel: "Indica size, huge and resinous buds, amazing colors, almost too strong and cloying smell, good taste and better sativa high but as they say without going over or you get stuck."

Diesel - Dinafem features:

Days of flowering at 12 hours: 60/70.
Outdoors harvest: Until October 15.
THC: High. (12% - 16%).
CBD: Low.
Production: High.
Outdoors height: Up to 3 meters.
Composition: 40% Indica - Sativa 60%.
Genotype: Mexican Sativa x Afghani.

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