Glass Pipes

Glass is a material with very particular characteristics, being ideal to manufacture smoking pipes mainly because it is neutral and does not generate other substances when heated.

That means that it does not alter the taste and scent of your favorite herbs, allowing you to fully appreciate the purest flavours.

Here you'll find a selection of portable and highly convenient glass pipes, so you can have them at hand wherever you go.

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Taster by Marley Natural

Discover this Marley Natural pocket pipe, ideal for everyday use and to accompany you everywhere, now available online in the Alchimiaweb pipe catalogue. T [...]

  • (Out of stock) 22.00€ 19.80€

Marley Natural Smoked Glass Spoon Pipe

Alchimia offers you this Spoon Pipe from Marley Natural made from smoked borosilicate glass and offering a very pleasant smoking experience, perfe [...]

  • (Out of stock) 40.00€ 34.00€
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Marley Natural Smoked Glass Pipe

Discover the Marley Natural smoked glass Taster and Steamroller in the Alchimiaweb smoking accessories catalogue. Marley Natural Smoked Glass Taster This little [...]

  • Taster (Out of stock) 20.00€ 18.00€
  • Steamroller (Out of stock) 30.00€

Spiral glass pipe 20cm long

Medium sized, beautiful glass pipe with which you can cool down the smoke a bit thanks to its spiral-shaped design. Fun and compact design [...]

  • 18.00€ 16.20€

Spiral glass pipe and case

Original spiral glass pipe, small size. Watch the smoke passing through the pipe and enjoy the purity of glass while cooling down the smoke for a more plea [...]

  • (Out of stock) 12.00€

Jilter Glass Pipe

Jilter presents in Alchimiaweb its new borosilicate glass pipe for smoking Tobacco or weed, designed for using it with the Jilter Filters. Thus, besides of [...]

  • 25.00€ 22.50€

Spoon Pipe from Marley Natural

Alchimia invites you to discover the Spoon Pipe by Marley Natural, a glass and wooden pipe as efficient as it is practical, now available online in our catalogue of smoking accesso [...]

  • (Out of stock) 50.00€ 42.50€
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