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Thorinder Grinder

Thorinder is an essential tool for any cannabis user, since it is very important to properly grind marijuana so that it can be enjoyed in different ways: cigarette, vaporized, in bongs or pipes, etc..

This nice grinder consists of 4 pieces - 62mm diameter - with a stylish two-colour design, black and electric blue, and an interior design with lightnings bolts reminiscent of Thor, god of thunder in Nordic / Germanic mythology.

With the help of the Thunder God we can grind marijuana in the best way as well as recovering all the resin detached during the grinding process.

Once we grind the crushed marijuana, resin will be sieved and deposited in the small lower reservoir, where it is collected.

We can then create asmall piece ofhigh qualityhashish with these trichomes that we have recovered, by compacting them with our hands, giving heat and pressure.

Thorinder Grinder features:

  • 4-piece Grinder, 62mm diam
  • Colour: Black and Electric Blue
  • Resin Sieve
  • Threaded Pieces
  • Washable and reusable, long life
  • Material: Aluminum
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