Hindu Kush Auto

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Sensi Seeds presents the autoflowering feminised version of their award-winning old school classic Hindu Kush variety, an easy-to-grow, fast-flowering Indica-dominant hybrid with characteristic hash aromas and flavours.

My crossing this carefully preserved pure indica with a specially selected Ruderalis cultivar showing characteristics very similar to the Hindu Kush, Sensi Seeds have respected the spirit of the original line, while gaining a very fast flowering time.

Amazingly quick to flower, Hindu Kush Auto begins to bloom as soon as the first pairs of leaves are formed and the solid, resin-coated buds are finished in just 45-50 days, offering the possibility of multiple harvests throughout the year in the same grow area.

Hindu Kush Auto plants stay short, well branched and bushy, making them perfect for discreet guerrilla gardening, or for squeezing in between other crops or larger cannabis plants. Indoors they're great to grow in reduced spaces or small grow tents and are well suited to the SOG (Sea of Green) method. They are also ideal for growing outdoors and in greenhouses or in containers on patios, balconies and terraces. If planted directly in the soil they will tend to grow a little taller and give a higher yield.

The flavours are very true to the Hindu Kush line, with an earthy, spicy note, accompanied by touches of sweet sandalwood and incense. The high is smooth and long-lasting, with a balance of physical relaxation and inner calm. It's clean effect aids focus and a clear mind, without any paranoia or anxiety. It's a great variety for therapeutic users searching for relief from stress, insomnia and muscle tension.

These seeds are a great choice for growers of all levels of experience, but their ease of cultivation and low maintenance needs means they are highly recommended for beginners and for medical home-growers, who will really appreciate how little work is needed to get great results!

For useful advice and top tips to help you get the best from your auto seeds, check out our blog post Growing Autoflowering Cannabis.

Sensi Seeds Auto Hindu Kush info:

  • Sex: Feminized Autoflowering
  • Genetics: Hindu Kush x Ruderalis
  • Height: Low
  • Yield: Medium
  • Flowering time: 45-50 days

Properties of Hindu Kush Auto

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