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Already available in Alchimiaweb, this 100% Indica strain from Sensi Seeds, Hindu Kush, is named like the mountainous area where it has its origin, in the western part of the Himalayas. This region has been recognized throughout the history for the quality of its hashish and marijuana plants.

This mountainous region covers half of Afghanistan, closing the borders of Pakistan and India, and even reaching China.

This region is also known for being a major trade route linking the Middle East, the Far East and Central Asia, where the knowledge and cannabis tradition of many people who traveled and traded through it met for hundreds of years.

Therefore, today this area is the native place of Afghan marijuana plants and pure Indica genotypes, with great features for making resin extractions, very aromatic, compact and robust.

Due to these reasons, these plants are extremely easy to grow, as they have been selected and stabilized during lots of years to make them as easy and productive as possible, making crosses and backcrosses between similar genotypes.

Hindu Kush is ideal for indoor cannabis crops , as plants are branched but not excessively tall. They present very dark and intense green colors, and wide, serrated leaves.

Its flowering lasts for 45-50 days, producing average harvests of dense, rounded buds, even when cultivated by novice growers.

Its effect is relaxing and quite intense, relaxing your body and providing a sense of body vibration, calmness, contemplation and positivity.

Its aroma mixes sandalwood notes with hints of fresh charas hashish , which give it sweetness.

Hindu Kush from Sensi Seeds properties:

  • Regular marijuana
  • 100% Indica
  • Genetics: Hindu Kush (Pakistan, Afghanistan, India, China)
  • Flowering: 45-50 days
  • Yield: medium-high

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Opinions about Hindu Kush Reg and questions


D.Loke 28-08-2019 I was introduced by this strain working in a collective with over 140 mother plants,Hindu Kush was a selective choice for patients due to its medicinal properties,I had one clone that lasted was cloned for more than 7 years, it was one of my favorites due to its insomnia properties, relaxing mood it put you in, open up my chakras, very good medicine, highly recommended!


Alchimia Grow Shop 28-08-2019 Thanks for your comment, I agree, Hindu Kush is a very special plant indeed, one of the best "Indica" effects I've experienced. All the best!


James 25-10-2018 Do you sell seeds to Canada residents?


Alchimia Grow Shop 26-10-2018

Hi James,

There's no problem, here you can check the shipping cost and payment options. We recommend you to select the special packaging service when placing your order.



Iris 13-07-2016 Question about Hindu Kush - Sensi Seeds, what is the % of THC?


Alchimia Grow Shop 13-07-2016

Hi Iris,

Sensi Seeds does not provide the THC content of Hindu Kush. I've searched and I've found some analysis were it reaches 14-18% THC. From my experience with it, you can expect the typical Indica effect, relaxing and slightly sedative. All the seeds that I popped had a very pleasant fruity taste, made me think about peaches and apricots.

Hope it helped!

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