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Critical Mass - Advanced Seeds

Alchimia is delighted to present Critical Mass by Advanced Seeds, an early and easy to cultivate strain with a high production. It offers very sweet terpenes and powerful and balanced effects. It is now available in our feminised cannabis seeds catal [...]

  • 1 seed7.50€
  • 3 seeds17.50€
  • 10 seeds55.00€ 38.45€

Afghan Haze - Mr. Nice

The cross of a pure Afghan female (100% Indica) with a Haze marijuana male (100% Sativa) can only achieve fantastic results. The features that still can be improved in this strain are the yield and flowering time, so those looking for a good balance [...]

  • 15 seeds68.00€ 54.40€

Auto Afghan Skunk - Advanced Seeds

Alchimia presents the feminised autoflowering version of the Advanced Seeds variety Afghan Skunk. This hardy and easy-to-grow Indica/Sativa hybrid gives robust and resistant plants, suitable for novice growers, offering great results easily and quic [...]

  • 1 seed5.50€
  • 3 + 1 Seeds15.00€ 12.00€
  • 10 + 3 Seeds49.00€

Afghan Skunk - Advanced Seeds

Afghan Skunk by Advanced Seeds is an Indica-Sativa hybrid combining two excellent cannabis classics, now available as feminised seeds from Alchimiaweb. Robust, resistant and fast-flowering, ready to harvest in just 8 weeks, Afghan Skunk is an easy t [...]

  • 1 seed5.50€
  • 3 + 1 Seeds15.00€ 12.00€
  • 10 + 3 Seeds49.00€ 39.20€

Afghan Kush Special - World of Seeds

Alchimia and World of Seeds here the Afghan Kush Special cannabis strain, created from a Super Indica that was selected from Kush lines from the Hindu Kush mountains. This way, thanks to the crossings between different phenotypes and with a lot of pa [...]

  • 3 seeds28.50€
  • 7 seeds63.00€ 50.40€

Afghani #1 - Sensi Seeds

The best Afghan genetics of Sensi Seeds Bank were used for creating this strain. The main traits of Afghani #1 are its large and dark Indica leafs, its strong aroma, solid stems and high yield. It is truly a must for all Indica connoisseurs. Its sh [...]

  • 10 seeds55.00€ 41.20€

Afghan Kush Regular - World of Seeds

Now available in Alchimia, this powerful strain with intense hashy aroma, Afghan Kush from World of Seeds, is a regular strain considered a medicinal cannabis genetics for its narcotic and sedative effect. Originated in the Hindu Kush mountains, in [...]

  • 10 seeds19.95€ 15.95€
UP TO 25%

Afghan Kush x Black Domina - World of Seeds

Now available for you in Alchimiaweb the Afghan Kush genetics x Black Domina, a crossing between two of the most potent Indica cannabis strains, blooming in only 45-55 days and producing up to 450g/m2 of buds with up to 19% THC.This genetics comes fr [...]

  • 3 seeds19.50€ 14.60€
  • 7 seeds45.50€ 36.40€

Afghan Kush Early Harvest - World of Seeds

Alchimia presents here the Early Harvest version of World Of Seeds Afghan Kush cannabis strain, a 100% Indica landrace strain now available with earlier flowering. The fruit of the cross between the traditional Afghan Kush and a 4th generation Autof [...]

  • 3 seeds16.65€ 13.30€
  • 7 seeds36.75€

Afghani #1 Fem - Sensi Seeds

Sensi Seeds is happy to present the feminised version of the legendary regular strain Afghani #1, a true cannabis classic appreciated for its fast and abundant flowering, as well as its first class organoleptic and psychoactive properties. Available [...]

  • 3 seeds25.50€ 20.35€
  • 5 seeds40.00€
  • 10 seeds70.00€

Green Crack Auto - Seedsman

Alchimia is pleased to present Green Crack Auto by Seedsman, a very productive auto-flowering strain with mango flavours with fruity floral notes. It is a Sativa dominant plant with a high THC content, offering energetic and stimulating effects. A va [...]

  • 1 seed11.00€
  • 3 seeds19.98€
  • 5 seeds26.64€
  • 25 seeds117.22€ 87.90€

Afghan Pearl CBD Auto - Sensi Seeds

Alchimia presents Afghan Pearl CBD by Sensi Seeds, an AutoFem CBD-rich hybrid with a THC:CBD ratio 1:1 - 2:1. It is a cross between Afghani x Jamaican Pearl x Hindu Kush CBD , resulting in a variety with a balanced character that combines the Jamaic [...]

  • 1 seed9.00€
  • 3 seeds22.50€
  • 5 seeds36.00€
  • 10 seeds68.00€ 47.55€

CBD Satin Black Domina (aka Sensi #743) - Sensi Seeds

CBD Satin Black Domina (aka Sensi #743) by Sensi Seeds is a CBD-rich feminised cannabis plant, created from an S1 cross of the famous Black Domina, a high-quality Indica with Afghan inheritance. CBD Satin Black Domina development is typical of a 100 [...]

  • 1 Seed (Product sold out)12.50€
  • 3 Seeds25.00€
  • 5 Seeds39.50€
  • 10 Seeds76.00€ 53.15€

V-SPEC - Aficionado French Connection

Now available online at Alchimiaweb: limited edition regular seeds of V-SPEC, a new and exciting addition to the Aficionado French Connection seed catalogue. V-SPEC, in honour of one of the best supercars ever Aficionado French Connection presents th [...]

  • 490.00€ 441.00€
UP TO 15%

Citral Flo Bx1 - Ethos Genetics

Alchimia is delighted to present Citral Flo Bx1 by Ethos Genetics, an OG Kush dominant hybrid with high yields and beautiful purple coloured flowers. This strain is now available in our regular cannabis seeds catalogue. Citral Flo Bx1, cannabis comi [...]

  • 8 seeds60.00€ 54.00€
  • 17 seeds100.00€ 85.00€

Hindu Kush - Nirvana

Alchimia presents Hindu Kush, a feminised variety by Nirvana Seeds, a renowned seedbank founded in 1995. Hindu Kush, a pure Indica, easy to cultivate, dense and big sized buds Hindu Kush is a purebred Indica genetics with a short and compact struct [...]

  • (Product sold out)30.00€ 25.45€

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