Humidifiers and dehumidifiers

Air Dryer Drybox 12 L

The control of the climate on indoor growing is one of the important factors to consider. The relative humidity of the atmosphere plays a big role in both the growth as in the flowering period. With the Air Dryer Crybox of 12 L it's possible to keep [...]

  • 199.00€

Monzon Humidifier

Monzón Humidifier is a device designed to increase the humidity in the growing enclosure. The plants obtain the required humidity according to the cultivation stage, which is highly important during vegetative growth and flowering. This high- [...]

  • 5.5L/h349.00€

Mini VDL Dehumidifier

Alchimiaweb presents this dehumidifier for small spaces, ideal to reduce the humidity level inside the growing or drying room. Thanks to its reduced dimensions (17.6 x 17.6 x 15cm) the Mini VDL dehumidifier takes little space while absorbing up to 3 [...]

  • 45.00€

Garden High Pro Humidifier 4L with hygrostat

Alchimia presents Garden High Pro 4L Humidifier with hygrostat, designed to maintain an ideal humidity level in your cultivation. Garden High Pro Humidifier with hygrostat, to regulate the humidity level A compact membrane humidifier, measuring 16 [...]

  • 44.50€

4L humidifier

Alchimiaweb presents here this 4L ultrasonic humidifier, with which you can raise the humidity level inside your indoor cannabis grow room easily. It has a capacity of 250ml/h, consuming the water reservoir in about 24 hours, so we don't have to wor [...]

  • 39.00€

8L humidifier

Ultrasonic humidifier with 8L reservoir. Raises the humidity level of your indoor cannabis grow room easily and safely. This humidifier stand out for its high production of cold vapour, 250-350ml/h. If operating at maximum capacity, the 8L reservoir [...]

  • 59.00€

Mist Maker humidifier 5xMembranes

The Mist Maker ultrasonic humidifier (5xmembranes) is a device that generates mist to raise the humidity levels of medium-large spaces. It is connected to a water reservoir - of any size - and raises the humidity levels for long periods of time, wit [...]

  • 149.00€

MIST MAKER Ultrasonic Humidifier with float

It prevents insect attacks and enhances plant photosynthesis. Silent ultrasonic humidifier, highly recommendable in the growth phase. MIST MAKER humidifier produces electrical oscillations at ultrasonic frequencies. You need the FLOAT for MIST MAKE [...]

  • 35.00€

Mist Maker spare floater

Replacement floater for the Mist Maker humidifier (5xmembranes), necessary to operate the device. It is made of resistant and durable plastic. Already available in Alchimiaweb. It keeps the right distance between the Mist Maker membranes and the wat [...]

  • 9.00€

Float for MIST MAKER humidifier

This float for Mist Maker humidifier is necessary for the proper functioning of this device. It is used to maintain the proper water level of the ultrasonic humidifier, and to optimize air humidification. With this floating ring, you will need less [...]

  • 5.00€

Replacement Valve for Humidifier of 6L

Spare part of the outlet valve of the ultrasonic humidifier of 6 L for displace the old one in case of breakage or obstruction, already available in Alchiminaweb. This part is installed in the upper side of the device and allows to distribute proper [...]

  • 4.50€

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