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Lighting kit LEC SunBurst CMH 315W 3100k

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Alchimia is proud to present the SunBurst CMH 315W, 3100K lighting system, an efficient and economical option now available in our catalogue of indoor cannabis growing equipment.

Ceramic Metal Halide lamps (CMH, also known as CDM - Ceramic Discharge Metal Halide) emit the most complete light spectrum, giving plants the full range from ultraviolet to infrared. Naturally, this has a positive influence on growth, increasing not only vegetative growth, but also improving flowering, leading to larger crops.

Thanks to these characteristics, this lamp LEC offers results comparable to a 600W HPS but much more economical, with 50% less energy consumption and only half the heat produced by a normal bulb.

The Sunburst CMH is specially made to work with 315W ceramic metal halide bulbs. It will not operate with other types of bulbs such as HPS or MH.

The reflector has a highly reflective hammered aluminum interior, while the carcass is painted with pre-galvanised powder coating. The SunBurst reflector has a small opening that offers improved heat dissipation.

Sunburst CMH box contents:

  • 1x Device Sunburst CMH 315W
  • 2x Suspension hook for reflector
  • 1x 3,048m power cord with ground connection
  • 1x CMH bulb

Lighting kit LEC SunBurst CMH info:

  • Spectrum: 3100K
  • Dimensions: 44,45cm x 21,9cm x 11,11cm
  • Weight: 4.33 kg
  • Recommended for plants of 60-80cm

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Opinions about Lighting kit LEC SunBurst CMH 315W 3100k and questions


will 16-10-2018
Hi I live in Spain and would like to buy 5-10 of the CMH kits, what would the pricing on bigger purchase? Do you have a big supply or do you have to order them, how long will it take?

Alchimia Staff

Alchimia Grow Shop 17-10-2018

Hi will,

There's no problem at all, I'm contacting you via email.


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