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Nordle was the password used by Howard Marks to name the afghan hashish he carried to Europe during the 70´s. This cross between an Afghan cannabis line and Skunk#1 genetics spreads a tangy and floral aroma, with a contemplative effect worth of the best old school hashish. Get Nordle on regular cannabis seed form in Alchimiaweb.

This mostly Indica marijuana variety produces a lot of bud sites, achieving yields from 500 to 750gr/m2. Its Afghan influence makes Nordle flowering really fast; the quickest plants are ready to harvest after 6 weeks of flowering, while those that need a longer flowering will finish in 9 weeks. Its flowers are compact, dense and heavy, being sensitive to molds in case of abundant rains or any other adverse weather condition.

Nordle offers us a trip to Afghanistan in the 60's, with its sweet and spicy smell and its relaxing effect. Its resin production and terpene profile make Nordle a cannabis strain suitable for making homemade hashish .

Nordle from Mr Nice Seeds features:

  • Variety: Afghan Skunk
  • Regular seeds
  • Category: The Naturals - Old school genetics
  • Genetics: 50% Afghan - 50% Skunk #1
  • Breeder: Nevil and Shantibaba
  • Recommended for: Bio and Hydro, indoors and outdoors / greenhouse
  • Yield: 500-750 g/m2
  • Indoor flowering: 7-9 weeks
  • Outdoor harvest: Early to mid October in North Hemisphere. march / April in South Hemisphere.
  • Recommendations: for both beginners and experienced growers. Due to its bud density, humidity levels should be controlled to avoid molds.

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