DualPart Bloom by T.A. (formerly GHE's Floraduo® Grow )

DualPart Bloom by Terra Aquatica (formerly GHE's Floraduo® Bloom) is a new complete mineral fertiliser inspired by the latest research into plant nutrition. It's unique highly-concentrated formula containis a precise mix of macro & microelem [...]

  • 1 L12.00€

HY-PRO Hydro A+B 1L

Without a doubt, part of the success of HY-PRO is based on its quality and ease of use. The HY-PRO Hydro A + B 1L combines majestically all components for best assimilation by the marijuana plants grown in hydroponic systems. We emphasize that even [...]

  • 12.59€

T.A. NovaMax Grow (formerly GHE's Floranova® Grow)

After many years of experience in hydroponic and organic cultivation, Terra Aquatica are proud to present NovaMax Grow (formerly GHE's Floranova® Grow), a high-performance fertiliser designed for use during vegetative growth and suitable for all [...]

  • 946 ml26.40€

Powder Feeding Grow

Powder Feeding Grow is a complete and balanced fertilizer designed for the growth phase of our plants, to make it as easy as possible its use. We just have to mix it with irrigation water in both coconut and on land and even in hydroponics marijuana [...]

  • 1kg39.95€ 33.95€
  • 2.5 Kg55.50€

T.A. NovaMax Bloom (formerly GHE's Floranova® Bloom)

Terra Aquatica present Novamax Bloom(formerly GHE's Floranova® Bloom), a high performance fertiliser created from the synthesis of hydroponic and organic growing methods and designed for use during the flowering and fruiting stages of the cycle. [...]

  • 946 ml26.40€
UP TO 12%

Metrop Mam

Mam is a fertilizer designed for cannabis mother plants and cuttings with a 20-20-8 NPK ratio for optimal maintenance of plants without any kind of stress. It also includes a 27% of Kelpax, a South African seaweed rich innatural auxins, so we will e [...]

  • 250 ml32.92€ 28.95€
  • 1L54.45€ 49.00€

Aptus Break-Out Powder

Aptus Breack-Out Powder is now available in Alchimiaweb, a concentrated bloom enhancer rich in phosphorous and potassium. It also contains magnesium and calcium, ensuring that your buds will get fatter and your plants will show you their full potenti [...]

  • 100 gr7.26€ 6.50€

Solo-tek Bloom

Solo-tek Bloom by Grotek is a revolutionary one-part fertiliser intended for use during the flowering period of cannabis plants. It is a concentrated mixture of nutrients and growth stimulators in suspension containing a high proportion of organic c [...]

  • 1L34.00€ 25.50€

H&G Hydro A+B

HYDRO A + B base nutrient from House & Garden is composed of liquid main and trace elements and contains no bulking agents like solid fertilisers.HYDRO A + B from House & Garden is composed of purest, high quality nutrients, including EDDHA i [...]

  • 2 x 1 L32.49€
  • 2 x 5 L73.65€

Grotek Heavy Bud Pro 1L

Heavy Bud Pro is a supplement for the bloom stage formulated by the renowned Canadian company Grotek. It must be used with a quality base nutrient to achieve spectacular results. Its formulation includes nutrients and carbohydrates which improve the [...]

  • 45.11€ 36.09€

T.A. TriPart Grow (formerly GHE's FloraGro®)

TriPart-Series from Terra Aquatica is the result of 20 years of research, experimentation and use, designed by Cal Herrmann, formerly chemical of the NASA and the Berkeley University in California. This system formed by three components allows to con [...]

  • 1 L10.00€
  • 5 L32.10€

HESI Growth Hydro

Special fertiliser for the growth of plants in hydroponic systems . HESI growth Hydro is enriched with vital substances that act on the growth of the plant, increasing the vital energy and ensuring the health of the soil flora. The product is manufa [...]

  • 1 L11.30€ 9.60€
  • 5 L26.80€ 22.75€

Boker 2

Cannaboom's Boker 2 is a fabulous flowering enhancer ideal to use from after the photoperiod change to mid flowering to help the plant create better branching and a powerful first flush, creating more flowers and good bud swelling. It contains all th [...]

  • 600g30.00€ 21.00€

PK 13/14 House & Garden

House & Garden presents PK 13/14, a flowering booster for indoor and outdoor cannabis cultivation. It is applied towards the end of the flowering stage, accelerating the flower production thanks to the phosphorus and potassium concentrated supply [...]

  • 1L20.00€

Boker 1

Boker 1 by Cannaboom is a growth enhancer with a rooting function that is ideal for the growth of cannabis plants, for both indoor and outdoor cultivation. Boker 1, enhances root growth and plant structure It has been formulated to boost the most i [...]

  • 600 g30.00€ 21.00€

Vegetative Grow Booster

Grotek Vegetative Grow Booster gives your cannabis plants the extra nutrients required for unsurpassed vigour in veg and is an excellent supplement for rapid, explosive growth and structural development. Vegetative Grow Booster contains nitrogen to [...]

  • 20 gr18.00€

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