Old Widow 90'S

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Alchimia is pleased to present Old Widow 90's S1, a feminised strain selected by Oldman Green from Old School Genetics between 1995 and 2000. This strain is now available in our cannabis seeds catalogue.

Old Widow 90, one of the most famous genetics in the world

White Widow is definitely a must-have variety. It was developed by the breeder Shantibaba over more than two years in order to obtain the result he aimed for, a breeding work through countless crosses, trials and errors.

Initially two IBL (In Bred Line), for several generations the variety was not crossed with any other external strain, receiving no different genetic contribution, only the one coming from the crossbreeding of this same variety for several years.

The parentals were a Sativa landrace female from Brazil, and a Sativa/Indica landrace male from the Kerala Mountains in South India. Both parentals came from friendly local growers who shared the same passion for cannabis.

Thanks to Shanti's dedicated work, White Widow was first introduced in 1994. It quickly captured the hearts of the Weed People and won the Cannabis Cup the following year. It should be noted that White Widow and Black Widow represent the same strain, so when Shantibaba joined Mr Nice Seeds with his original White Widow selections, he changed the variety's name when he left Green House Seeds.

White Widow, the first of the White family

White Widow's success is remarkable and not surprising given that many of today's cannabis strains contain genetics from this line, clearly because of its high quality. It has a very impressive resin production compared to what other strains produced in the 90s. Quite different genetics to the Northern Lights/Haze and Skunk hybrids present at the time, and offering a potency with a THC level of over 20%. It was the Queen of all varieties for many years.

It is not an ultra-strong plant under all conditions, but still offers acceptable results with a little sun and not too extreme conditions. This resilience and versatility is inherited from its IBL parentals, which mix both Indica and Sativa worlds. Certainly, in regions with very favourable climates it rarely disappoints. Almost all over the world, one finds Widow lovers who never cease to be amazed by this plant's characteristics.

Old Widow 90's S1, an Old School gem preserved for our visual pleasure

This Oldman Green selection has a more Indica tendency, a feminised 80 / 20 Indica Sativa hybrid. It produces a powerful long lasting relaxing and narcotic effects. It is easy to cultivate, with a large yield that can exceed 600g per m2 in indoor cultivation in about 65 days of flowering. Outdoors it can yield over 600g per plant, with the harvest ready in early October.

Old Window 90 is a quite compact plant with a good structure, and a stretching between x2 and x3. It produces dense flowers covered with white resin. It develops beautiful large dark green leaves that give the plant an elegant look that makes it stand out from other plants.

Aroma and flavours are refined, generally sweet and floral with fruity and spicy hints, with a wonderful earthy undertone that reveals vanilla and precious woody hints.

Wait no longer to get to know this mythical variety! Definitely to be grown at least once in a lifetime!

Old School Genetics Old Widow 90's info:

  • Type: Feminised cannabis seed
  • Genetics: Old Widow 90'S S1
  • Genotype: 80/20 Indica Sativa hybrid
  • Indoor flowering: 9-10 weeks
  • Outdoor harvest: Early October
  • Indoor yield: High
  • Outdoor yield: High
  • THC: High

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