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Orange Candy / Naranchup, a strain from Philosospher's Golo Line, has its origins in a very popular variety from the private collection of Reggae Seeds, Naran J, a NYCD x Mornig Glory hybrid with intense orange aroma.

To fix this appreciated organoleptic trait, Naran J was crossed with Tropimango from Philosopher Seeds, giving it a more vigorous growth and increased production.

Orange Candy / Naranchup has a robust structure, with short internodal distance that creates a large central bud ideal for growing in SOG setups.

Orange Candy / Naranchup growing description:

Philosospher Seeds recommends 12 to 15 plants per m2 when growing Orange Candy / Naranchup indoors. To achieve optimal plant size, 3-4 weeks of growth in 7L pots are perfect. If you want larger plants, use 11L containers and prune the tops of the plants after the 4th week of growth for optimal performance.

After switching the photoperiod, Orange Candy / Naranchup needs from 20 to 25 days to show the first signs of flowering. To maximize bud production you will need to feed the plants with the same nutrient levels during weeks 4, 5 and 6. Yields range from 450 to 600 gr per m2.

You will find few differences between phenotypes. The plant structure, odor and abundant production of large buds are common features in both phenotypes. We can easily differentiate the two existing phenos the purple colours of the more visually attractive phenotype.

Orange Candy / Naranchup is highly resistant to pests, to high and low temperatures and nutrient overfeeding, so it will be a marijuana plant ideal for beginners on growing marijuana.

Orange Candy / Naranchup stands out for its high quality organoleptic features, with a citrus scent of ripe oranges with acid hints of grapefruit, reminding the most distinctive Diesel taste with finer, renewed and refined undertones for your palate.

The effect is instant, cerebral, causing a strong high feeling, accompanied by a psychedelic effect that becomes more relaxing on a second phase. It is ideal to enjoy in company at the end of the day, relaxing both body and mind.

Awards won by Orange Candy:

  • Vancouver Lift Expo Cup 2016, 2nd solvent hash: Shatter

Orange Candy / Naranchup - Philosopher Seeds features:

  • Genetics: Naran J x Tropimango
  • 65% Sativa / 35% Indica hybrid
  • Indoor flowering: 55/65 days
  • Outdoor harvest: early October
  • Indoor yield: 350/450 gr/m2
  • Outdoor yield: 500/600 gr per plant
  • THC: 19%
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