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Outdoor CBD Flowers category includes all hemp CBD flowers grown outdoors, appreciated for their typical outdoor grass aroma and very affordable price.

CBD flowers are produced in different European countries, such as Switzerland or Italy, and contain a THC level below 0.2%, in accordance with the EU laws.

Outdoor cultivation allows farmers to grow a large number of plants with less heavy logistics than growing cannabis indoors or in a greenhouse, resulting in a lower production cost. CBD hemp flowers cultivated outdoors are a good option on a limited budget.

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Outdoor Lemon Cookies CBD flowers

Alchimia presents Lemon Cookies CBD buds, flowers grown outdoors in a 100% organic way with citric lemon aromas and no psychoactive effect. Lemon Cookies buds, CBD with citric terpenes Lemon Cookies is a mostly Sativa strain, with buds of good cali [...]

  • 10 g12.00€
  • 50 g50.00€

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