Pure LED Max 660w

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Alchimia presents Pure LED Max 660w, a high-performance LED lighting system for plant cultivation, suitable for growth and flowering. It is a highly efficient LED designed for spaces up to 150cm x 150cm and adjustable in intensity.

Pure LED Max 660w, adjustable intensity LED for horticulture

Pure LED Max 660w is a high-performance LED lighting fixture designed for the horticulture field.

Pure LED Max 660w consists of 6 LED bars that distribute light evenly in the cultivation at 120, with dimensions of 1100mm x 1100mm x 90mm and a weight of 11kg. This equipment has been manufactured with strong materials and top quality components from the Samsung and Honglitranics brands. It is adjustable in intensity by means of a button with a range of 5 positions: 0%-25%-50%-75% and 100 %.

Pure LED 660w has a passive heat dissipation system, so it does not need support from the noisy fans used in other older equipment. I is a silent and lightweight LED system. Its light spectrum is valid for the entire cultivation cycle (growth and flowering). Thanks to its 660nm Honglitronics diodes, flower development is stimulated and production is increased .

Pure LED Max 660w, LED system for 150cm x150cm spaces and grow tents

Pure LED Max 660w is the ideal equipment for cannabis growing spaces and tents from 120cm x 120cm (regulating intensity) up to 150cm x 150cm. Thanks to its high efficiency and PPF it is well-powered. Its yields are higher than equivalent conventional HPS equipment with a much lower heat emission.

Pure LED Max 660W by means of a controller (not included) allows multiple units to be connected at the same time. The on and off times (photoperiod) can be selected, as well as reducing power or shutting off automatically in case of overheating of the LED unit.

Due to its high PPF and 120° light emission angle during vegetative periods, it is recommended to keep approximately 60cm to the tips of the plants, and during flowering, once the flowers have formed, the distance can be reduced to between 20-30cm.

Pure LED Max 660w info:

  • Consumption: 660W (+/- 5%)
  • Dimensions: 1100mm x 1100mm x 90mm
  • Weight: 11Kg
  • PPF: 1822 µmol/s
  • Efficiency: 2.76 μmol/J
  • Coverage: up to 150x150cm
  • Samsung (4000K) LM281B+ and Honglitronics SMD3030 (660 nm) diodes
  • Light angle at 120°
  • plug & play
  • adjustable in intensity
  • Controller available (not included)

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