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Alchimia is pleased to presents Sativa Auto Mix by Seed Stockers, the perfect solution to enjoy a diverse harvest. This a mix composed of predominantly Sativa auto-flowering plants.

The mix features 4 auto-flowering strains from Seed Stockers' genetics catalogue. The plants have similar growing characteristics and can be cultivated together, so you can therefore enjoy a variety of aromas during the growing process.

AK420 Autoflowering by Seed Stockers

AK420 is the automatic version of a particularly THC-concentrated AK47 cannabis strain selection. It is easy to grow, adapts to any type of cultivation and is quite resistant to the various problems that can occur during cannabis cultivation, whether indoors or outdoors.

It is a strain that offers the best results when provided with the highest possible light exposure. In indoor cultivation it benefits from a light cycle of 20 hours or even 24 hours, also providing enough room to develop the root system optimally. It has a full cycle of about 11 weeks from germination to harvest, offering a bountiful final harvest.

AK420 Auto offers particularly spicy fruity flavours that linger in the mouth for a long while. The effects it delivers are those typical of Sativa plants, a stimulating high that encourages artistic or sporting activities and also offers a certain body relaxation.

BCN Power Plant Autoflowering by Seed Stockers

Seed Stockers features this Sativa dominant automatic plant. An XXL sized variety with a very abundant harvest full of flowers laden with THC. For optimal development it should be provided with plenty of light. Indoors 20-24 hours of light can be given, in a complete cycle of about 11 weeks from germination until harvest time.

BCN Power Plant Autoflowering offers a THC level of 22-23%, delivering a powerful effect that lasts long after consumption. The effects provide energising and stimulating sensations with sweet and earthy flavours and aromas.

Amnesia Autoflowering by Seed Stockers

Amnesia is well-known by cannabis growers as one of the most classic marijuana genetics. Seed Stockers is proposing here its automatic version to fully enjoy this variety.

Amnesia Auto by Seeds Stockers is an easy to cultivate variety that resists well to the different problems that can arise in cannabis cultivation. For best results it should be provided with plenty of light. In indoor cultivation optimal results can be obtained by providing at least 20 hours of light. It has a complete cycle of 11 weeks from germination to harvest, offering under optimal conditions 100g per plant indoors.

Although it is an easy to grow strain, being very suitable for novice growers, its THC level of up to 23% makes it more suitable for experienced consumers. It offers stimulating and very energetic effects with hazelnut and citric flavours that are very fresh and pleasant in the mouth.

Santa Marta Haze Auto by Seed Stockers

Seed Stockers also invites you to discover Santa Marta Haze Auto, a cross between Amnesia Haze and Santa Marta, a Haze that originates from the Colombian jungle. This variety has a complete cycle of about 75 days indoors, while outdoors it takes about 90-100 days. This period is from germination to harvest, developing a plant that can easily reach 1m in height.

In indoor cultivation it is necessary to provide 20 hours of light in order to obtain its maximum potential for particularly abundant harvests. It produces compact buds covered with a thick resin layer.

Santa Marta Haze Auto thanks to its THC level of 20% produces a powerful long lasting psychedelic high. These effects are accompanied by fresh citric flavours with incense, fruit and pine undertones.

Seed Stockers Sativa Auto Mix info:

  • Type: Automatic cannabis seeds
  • Seeds: auto-flowering feminised
  • 4 different varieties
  • 3 seeds of each variety
  • Sativa dominant automatic plants

Properties of Sativa Auto Mix

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