The product 0-0 BOX - Wood Box with sieve is discontinued.

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0-0 BOX - Wood Box with sieve

00Box is a cedar box with a mesh in the bottom the function of which is to sieve the glands that are ripe coming off the flowers or buds without letting plant debris in. These glands are collected in a drawer situated below the mesh, at the bottom of the box.

To prevent cannabis from overdrying while losing taste and smell, 00Box incorporates a hygrometer that will help you monitor humidity inside the box, and a humidifier that will allow you to increase humidity by wetting the sponge that 00Box also contains. The ideal % of humidity is 60%.

00Box has been awarded the following prizes:

  • 00Box won the first prize for best paraphernalia product in 2010 Spannabis (Barcelona) and 2010 ExpoCannabis (Madrid).
  • The 25th of June 2010, the first edition of the European Product Awards for European cannabis industry took place. Different proposals by several companies in the European sector of cannabis were selected and a specialized pannel of judges examined the products so as to assess their originality, durability and innovation. 00BOX was awarded the second best product in Europe and the first in Spain!
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