Terra Power Kit Basic

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Alchimia presents Terra Power Basic Kit, a set of fertilisers designed for a cultivation with no deficiency whatsoever. It contains all the basic Terra Power nutrients, with root stimulators, microbial life promoters and bloom and photosynthesis boosters.

In addition to this basic kit, Alchimia also offers the Terra Power Pro Kit and the Terra Power Complete Kit, intended for growers who want to go a step further in their cultivation by incorporating complements that make a difference.

Terra Power Basic Kit, everything you need in a single set

For the growth stage, the basic fertiliser is Gorgona Power Growth A+B. It is ideal for any type of cultivation or substrate, whether in soil, mixed or pure hydroponic systems. It offers complete and effective nutrition to obtain plants with great vigour.

La Sirena complements the base fertiliser, a root stimulator made from microalgae extracts and humic substances. This fertiliser is perfectly complemented by La Calavera, a product that provides micro-life to the substrate, and by Mystical Green, which protects and stimulates the root system by means of humic and fulvic acids together with natural bioactive substances.

For the flowering period, the base fertiliser is Gorgona Power Bloom A+B, with basic nutrients to obtain compact, resinous and voluminous buds with a large number of terpenes. This product is also suitable for all types of substrates and growing methods.

This kit also includes Saturn, a phosphorous and potassium-based fertiliser that ensures higher yields and better quality, which is reflected in large, heavy, resinous buds with more potency. It also includes Triton, a photosynthesis enhancer that also helps with water and nutrient absorption and increases resistance to different pests.

Terra Power Basic Kit products:

  • Gorgona Power Growth A+B - 1L
  • Gorgona Power Bloom A+B -1 L
  • La Sirena - 1 L
  • La Calavera - 1 L
  • Mystical Green - 1 L
  • Triton - 250 ml
  • Saturn - 1 L

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