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Vaporizer Vaponic
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VAPONIC is a manual vaporizer, worthy successor of the model Vapbong .

This new version is the final result of the improvement process of the first model, now offering some more interesting features:

  • A larger chamber filling.
  • Easier use and cleaning.
  • Plant material don't need to be crushed.
  • Visual control of the condition of heating the grass.
  • It is virtually impossible to reach the point of combustion.
  • Vaporization by convection and conduction.
  • New design and safety line delimiting the area that should not be touched.
  • Very fine and resistant stainless steel filter.
  • Maintenance and cleaning tool included.

This vaporizer, thanks to its ingenious system of dual tube of borosilicate glass 3.3, will allow us to squeeze all the aromatic potential of our favorite plants without risk of combustion.

Its case pen shaped will allow us to protect it from bumps and drops and to transport it easily.

Using Vaponic

Open Vaponic and fill the chamber with herb, shredded or not. With a lighter (torch type preferably), heat between the red line and the end of the tube, without insisting on this point in order to don't heat it too much, nor do it near the line in order to avoid burns.
Rotate the tube during the heating for a more homogeneous vaporization.

Using a classic lighter, it is recommended to place the tube right to the end of the blue part of the flame. This must be so because if we place it at the end of the yellow part of it, the tube will be filled with soot. It will be easily solved by cleaning the tube with alcohol.

When we notice vapor in the suction, or when we see the herb toasted, we will stop heating, and it would be the time to enjoy the accumulated heat to initiate the vaporization during a one or two puffs. Until that happens, we will continue heating up to the point of vaporization. If steam obtained is very dense, almost like smoke, we will have heated the herb too much, and we'll have to stop.

After trying it several times, it will be very easy to know the time required for its optimal heating considering the preferences of each and depending on experience using Vaponic.

The color of the herb will also be a good indicator of the vaporizer temperature: when it becomes a golden-brown color, it will have reached the optimum point of vaporization. When we see the herb with brown-orange tone, the session is over.

Cool the Vaponic inside the case without speeding up the process in any way (without using liquids, cold elements ...), since doing it could weaken the resistance of the glass, resulting in damage of the glass.

Vaponic content:

  • 1 Interior tube with 1 Interior Filter
  • 1 Exterior Tube
  • 1 Connection Piece of Grey Silicone
  • 1 Nozzle
  • 1 Case pen shaped
  • 1 Black Silicone tap
  • 1 Multi-purpose Tool + 1 yellow silicone ring

Accessories of Vaporizer Vaponic

Vaponic steel filters

Vaponic steel filters

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