Vegamatrix Grow

Alchimia presents Vegamatrix Grow, a Vegan growth fertiliser developed by Kyle Kushman, the man who brought us the famous Strawberry Cough variety. This growth fertiliser has been formulated using very powerful natural chelates, ensuring that our ca [...]

  • 946ml (Out of stock)39.90€

Vegamatrix Bloom

Now available at Alchimia, we present Vegamatrix Bloom, an organic vegan fertiliser for flowering cannabis plants developed by expert grower Kyle Kushman. This fertiliser was developed to promote the fastest and most efficient assimilation of nutrie [...]

  • 946ml (Out of stock)35.90€

Vegamatrix Boost

Alchimia proudly presents Vegamatrix Boost, a Calcium and Magnesium supplement that facilitates the assimilation of nutrients, stimulating the vigour and health of our cannabis plants. Vegamatrix Boost is a 100% Vegan product that combines Magnesium [...]

  • 946ml (Out of stock)36.90€

Vegamatrix Prime-Zyme

Here at, we're happy to offer Vegamatrix Prime-Zyme, an enzyme complex designed to improve the metabolism of our favourite cannabis strains. This product is responsible for breaking down dead roots in the substrate, converting them i [...]

  • 946ml44.90€

Vegamatrix Starter Kit

Now available in the online nutrient catalogue at Alchimiaweb, this great Starter Kit from Vegamatrix, a comprehensive kit including the full range of fertilisers offered by this US brand, perfect to start your veganic cultivation of cannabis in the [...]

  • (Out of stock)89.00€

Vegamatrix AMP-IT

Vegamatrix AMP-IT is a supplement containing 21 amino acids and other micronutrients, now available from Alchimia Grow Shop. These amino acids are in their L form, the form most easily assimilated by cannabis plants. This allows them to accelerate t [...]

  • 946 ml (Out of stock)42.90€

Vegamatrix Hard N Quick

Now available at, Vegamatrix Hard N Quick, an organic vegetative growth stimulator promoting the development of branches in our cannabis plants. This product is a North American cold water Kelp extract, very rich in cytokinins.Cytoki [...]

  • 946ml (Out of stock)79.90€

Vegamatrix Big N Sticky

Vegamatrix Big N Sticky is a vegan flowering stimulator, developed to maximise the yield of our cannabis crops, now available online at Alchimia Grow Shop. This product is formulated based on organic ingredients and potassium phosphites, which act t [...]

  • 946ml44.90€

Vegamatrix FTB

Alchimia presents Vegamatrix FTB, an organic vegan insecticide that is as effective as it is natural. Composed of Geraniol, soybean oil and cannabis terpenes, Vagamatrix FTB is the perfect combination to safely manage infestations in our grow. It c [...]

  • 237ml (Out of stock)43.90€

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