Vegamatrix fertilisers are 100% vegan plant nutrients, designed to obtain vigorous development and abundant harvests of clean and very, very tasty buds.

Created by respected grower Kyle Kushman, famous for discovering the Strawberry Cough variety, these nutrients are effective and respectful to the planet, being made only with vegetable-based ingredients.

These high quality products work to stimulate the plants development by maintaining an optimal microbial life within the soil, and promoting symbiosis between plants and microbes.

Harvest better buds and enjoy incredible aromas with this range of vegan fertilisers.


Vegamatrix Prime-Zyme

Here at, we're happy to offer Vegamatrix Prime-Zyme, an enzyme complex designed to improve the metabolism of our favourite cannabis strains. This product is responsible for breaking down dead roots in the substrate, converting them i [...]

  • 946ml (Out of stock)44.90€ 39.50€

Vegamatrix Big N Sticky

Vegamatrix Big N Sticky is a vegan flowering stimulator, developed to maximise the yield of our cannabis crops, now available online at Alchimia Grow Shop. This product is formulated based on organic ingredients and potassium phosphites, which act t [...]

  • 946ml (Out of stock)44.90€

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