Manufactured in the UK, Vitalink is a brand of mineral fertilisers offering a complete range of nutrient products for healthy plant growth and abundant harvests.

Naturally, the Vitalink range covers all basic nutritional elements, with Earth Max or Coir Max A + B for growing in coco coir.

Also available are several additives and growth or flowering supplements such as Fulvic, which helps the plants to absorb nutrients more efficiently, or Turbo which will give a real boost to your garden.

Vitalink products are compatible with all substrates, whether you're growing in soil, coconut, hydroponics or aeroponics.


VitaLink Fulvic 1L

Alchimia presents here the 1 litre bottle of VitaLink Fulvic, pure fulvic acid which improves both nutrient uptake and transportation by acting like mineral chelating agent. Fulvic acid stimulates the growth of plants while preventing precipitation [...]

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