Vitalink Silicon Max 1L

Alchimia presents Silicon Max by Vitalink, a nutrient for use in the cultivation of cannabis available now in our online grow shop. A highly concentrated additive with an elevated silicon content, while Silicon Max is not essential for the nutrition [...]

  • 20.04€ 15.00€

VitaLink Fulvic 250ml

Now available in Alchimia, VitaLink presents Fulvic, part of its full range of nutrients and additives designed for use in your cannabis garden. Fulvic is high in fulvic acid and its use in your cannabis cultivation promotes more efficient nutrient [...]

  • 14.40€ 10.80€

VitaLink Fulvic 1L

Alchimia presents here the 1 litre bottle of VitaLink Fulvic, pure fulvic acid which improves both nutrient uptake and transportation by acting like mineral chelating agent. Fulvic acid stimulates the growth of plants while preventing precipitation [...]

  • 35.25€ 28.15€

VitaLink Finale

VitaLink presents Finale, a product developed specifically for cannabis plants in their last weeks of flowering, now available in our online grow shop at AlchimiaWeb! For maximum yields, Finale helps to flush excess nutrients from the substrate and [...]

  • 250 ml8.02€ 6.00€

VitaLink Turbo

Alchimia presents Turbo by VitaLink, a stimulator rich in plant hormones and amino acids that gives a significant, fast-acting boost to cannabis plants and increases harvests. Turbo can be used from halfway through vegetative growth right up until f [...]

  • 250 ml (Product sold out)32.00€ 25.60€

Vitalink CalMag 1L.

Alchimia presents CalMag from Vitalink, a calcium and magnesium supplement now available in our catalogue of cannabis additives and nutrients. CalMag is formulated to be used in addition to the basic nutrients to provide an extra dose of calcium and [...]

  • (Product sold out)17.95€

VitaLink Silicon Max 250ml

Vitalink proposes to you to discover the Silicon Max, this nutrient additive is designed to be used throughout the life cycle of cannabis plants, and is now available on AlchimiaWeb. Silicon Max is a concentrated silicon additive that is highly bene [...]

  • 8.82€

Earth Max Grow by Vitalink 1L.

Vitalink Earth Max Grow is a complete mineral fertiliser for the growth period of cannabis plants, now available on Alchimiaweb. Earth Max Grow is a mixture of mineral nutrients for vegetative growth and fulvic acid in order to potentiate the develo [...]

  • 15.70€

VitaLink RootStim

Vitalink offers you the chance to stimulate the roots of your cannabis plants with RootStim, now available on Alchimiaweb. This additive can be used in hydroponics as well as cultivation in coco fibre or soil. A mixture of marine seaweed extract wi [...]

  • (Product sold out)14.90€

Earth Max Bloom by Vitalink 1 L.

Alchimia invites you to discover Earth Max Bloom, a new mineral nutrient from Vitalink formulated for the flowering period of cannabis plants. Earth Max Bloom offers all the mineral nutrients needed for flowering alongside fulvic acids for a generou [...]

  • (Product sold out)15.70€

Vitalink Coir Max A+B Soft Water

Coir Max from Vitalink is a two-part fertiliser specially designed for cannabis cultivation in coconut fibre, discover the version formulated for soft water, available now in the online grow shop at of AlchimiaWeb. This A + B fertiliser provides the [...]

  • (Product sold out)18.25€

Vitalink PK 13/14

Vitalink presents the flowering supplement PK 13/14, for an abundant harvest of cannabis with dense and heavy buds, now available at AlchimiaWeb. Thanks to the Phosphorus and Potassium content of PK 13/14, our cannabis plants will be able to bloom w [...]

  • 250 ml6.40€

VitaLink Buddy

VitaLink Buddy is a PK booster especially formulated for the flowering stage of plants. Now available in Alchimiaweb! This plant additive provides an extra amount of phosphorous and potassium during this crucial phase, which complements your base nu [...]

  • 250 ml (Product sold out)8.02€

VitaLink Chill

Alchimia presents Vitalink Chill, specially designed to help our cannabis plants to deal with hot weather and resist temperatures above 30ºC. This biostimulator will promote the production of growth hormones and improve resistance to stress cau [...]

  • 250 ml39.50€

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