Wood Pipes

Smoking pipes are manufactured from many materials, although connoisseur smokers often choose traditional wood pipes.

Wood has a nice touch and keeps the heat in a special way. That's why wood pipes are the most commonly used type of pipe across the world.

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Taster by Marley Natural

Discover this Marley Natural pocket pipe, ideal for everyday use and to accompany you everywhere, now available online in the Alchimiaweb pipe catalogue. T [...]

  • 22.00€ 19.80€

Calumet Mini-Rocket Pipe

Alchimia presents Calumet Mini-Rocke Pipet, an innovative and ecological product to enjoy a clean and smooth smoke thanks to its activated carbon filter. It is mad [...]

  • Amaranth 27.90€ 22.30€
  • Olive (Out of stock) 27.90€ 22.30€
  • Walnut (Out of stock) 27.90€ 22.30€
  • Maple 27.90€ 22.30€

Calumet Wapi Pipe

Calumet Wapi Pipe is an elegantly designed piece, with its curved shape making it a real eye-catcher. In addition to the attractive design, this pipe fits particula [...]

  • Olive 39.60€ 31.65€
  • Walnut (Out of stock) 39.60€ 31.65€
  • Amaranth (Out of stock) 39.60€ 31.65€
  • Maple (Out of stock) 39.60€ 31.65€

Steamroller (Glass/Wood Pipe 17cm) by Marley Natural

Alchimia invites you to discover the Steamroller by Marley Natural, ideal as a companion in your smoking sessions, now available online in our glass pipe catalogue. The Mar [...]

  • (Out of stock) 44.00€ 39.60€

Spoon Pipe from Marley Natural

Alchimia invites you to discover the Spoon Pipe by Marley Natural, a glass and wooden pipe as efficient as it is practical, now available online in our catalogue of smoking accesso [...]

  • (Out of stock) 50.00€ 42.50€

Calumet Mini-Wapi Pipe

Calumet Mini-Wapi Pipe is a high-quality product made in Germany. This pipe features the unique Calumet 3-part system, which ensures a secure and tight fit [...]

  • Maple 31.50€ 25.20€
  • Olive (Out of stock) 31.50€ 25.20€
  • Amaranth (Out of stock) 31.50€ 25.20€
  • Walnut (Out of stock) 31.50€ 25.20€

Calumet Cankuna Pipe

Calumet Cankuna Pipe is a work of art created in collaboration with Plaisir, the prestigious German glassblowing company. Its extraordinary appearance makes it unique and highly valued by c [...]

  • Olive (Out of stock) 58.50€ 46.80€
  • Walnut (Out of stock) 58.50€ 46.80€
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