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In this section we present you a range of products especially selected by Alchimia, whose excellent value for money allows you to get the best equipment for your cannabis grow room, with reliable, efficient and easy to use products.

Celebrating its 15th anniversary in 2016, Alchimia Grow Shop has plenty of experience and contacts in the marijuana sector, which allows us to create a range of products especially selected to meet the needs of our customers in the best possible way.

Thus, Alchimia's brand catalogue includes ballasts and bulbs made in collaboration with Lumii, air extractors and carbon filters developed by Can-Fan, grow tents, drying nets, trimming scissors, etc.

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Grow Tent 80 AlchiBox v2.0

Indoor growing tent of Alchimia brand - dimensions: 80x80x160cm - ideal for those growers who wish to have a small space for self-cultivation of cannabis. Suitable for CFL, LED panels or 250w HPS lighting systems. It has a structure made of assemble [...]

  • 80x80x160cm105.00€ 84.00€

Alchimia Box Propagator

Now you can purchase in Alchimiaweb this small grow tent perfect to complement your mother plant tent. In this way, the Alchimia Box 80x50x50cm has been designed as clone propagator. It is a dismontable module that not only fits into most regular gr [...]

  • 80x50x50cm57.50€ 46.00€

100/200m3 Alchimia air extraction kit

The air extraction system of your indoor marihuana growroom is a vital part of the setup, being responsible for regulating the amount of relative humidity that we have insides, as well as renewing the air, oxygenating at máximum the growing en [...]

  • 127.21€

Alchimia Bud Clean straight blades trimming scissors

The Alchimia Bud Clean trimming scissors are perfect to easily trim our buds thanks to their small and sharp blades and its comfortable grip. Now in Alchimiaweb. Made of top quality materials them will remain sharp for a long time. Its rubber grip i [...]

  • 7.35€

125/340m3 Alchimia air extraction kit

The air extraction system is a very important part of the setup of any indoor cannabis growroom , regulating the humidity level of the plants' environment while also renewing the air, so your marijuana plants have all the oxygen they might need. If [...]

  • 146.55€

150/470m3 Alchimia air extraction kit

The air extraction system of any indoor cannabis growroom is one of the most delicate parts of the installation, since it controls the humidity level while renewing the air of the growing space, oxygenating the plants and allowing their best developm [...]

  • 163.79€

150/630m3 Alchimia air extraction kit

The air extraction installation of our indoor growing room is one of the key elements of the setup, as it regulates the humidity level while renewing the room air, ensuring that plants will have all the needed oxygen available for them. In case that [...]

  • (Out of stock)203.56€ 197.45€

Alchimia Can-Fan RS 200/810m3/h air extraction kit

The ventilation system of any indoor cannabis growing space is an essential part of the installation, since it helps to control temperature and humidity levels, removing and renewing the air of the grow room and giving our plants all the oxygen they [...]

  • 240.10€ 232.85€

Alchimia Can-Fan RS 200/1110m3/h air extraction kit

Any indoor marijuana grow room needs a proper air ventilation system. It is an essential part of the setup, controlling the temperature and humidity of the growing space while removing and renewing the air, so our plants have all the oxygen they need [...]

  • (Out of stock)255.00€

Magnetic lighting kit

Magnetic 400w or 600w grow lighting kit is the ideal equipment for growers cultivating in small grow areas from 1m2 to 1.50m2. The kit comes with a silent Magnetic ballast 400w or 600w, protected by a metal casing with fuse, it has an electronic sta [...]

  • 400 w77.12€ 74.80€
  • 600 w81.62€ 79.15€

2 x 600w +Grow tent 240 basic kit

Here at Alchimia, we've put together this great 2 x 600w Basic Kit, which comes with a huge 2.88m2 grow tent and all the lighting, ventilation and odour control you'll need to discreetly grow your own cannabis crops at home and harvest 1000-1200g of [...]

  • 844.12€ 818.75€

Alchimia Can Lite 100/150 carbon filter

We present here the new Alchimia Can-Lite 100mm 150m3/h carbon filters, designed to ensure odour elimination from your indoor marihuana crop. CanFilters are responsible for providing the highest quality, for they are made of metal, with the connecti [...]

  • 31.90€ 30.90€

Can Lite 125/300 carbon filter

Control the odour that comes out from your cannabis indoor crop with Can-Lite 125mm 300m3/h carbon filters, compatible with 1m2 growrooms. CanFilter ensures high quality with its metallic body, and with a side connector made of plastic, which lighte [...]

  • 39.90€ 37.90€

Alchimia Can Lite 150/425S carbon filter

Eliminate the odour from your indoor cannabis crop thanks to Alchimia Can-Lite 150mm 425m3/h carbon filters, compatible with 1.20x1.20m growrooms. Made by CanFilter, they offer high quality, since they are made of stainless steel, with a 150mm di&aa [...]

  • 63.90€

Alchimia Can Lite 150/600 carbon filter

Neutralize the odor molecules that generates your indoor growing closet thanks to Alchimia Can-Lite 150mm 600m3/h carbon filters, ideal for growing spaces somewhat larger. Manufactured by CanFilter and made of stainless steel, they allow us to enjoy [...]

  • 79.90€ 77.50€

Alchimia Can Lite 200/800 carbon filter

Remove any odour traces coming out from your cannabis indoor growing room, thanks to Alchimia Can-Lite 200mm 800m3/h activated carbon filters, very suitable for large farming facilities. CanFilters are manufactured using stainless steel, allowing us [...]

  • 99.00€ 94.05€

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