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2500m3/h Can Lite carbon filter

The carbon filter for 2500m3 with a 200 and 250mm mouth is now available at Alchimia. Carbon filter for growing marijuana With the Alchim [...]

  • 200mm 224.90€ 213.65€
  • 250mm 224.90€

Alchimia Box coupling connecting piece

Now you have available in Alchimia the set of 4 spare coupling connecting pieces for the Alchimia Box frames, such as the [...]

  • 4 units (Out of stock) 5.00€ 4.50€

Alchimia Box hooks

Now you have available in Alchimiaweb the replacement hooks for hanging bars for growing tents such as the A [...]

  • 8 units (Out of stock) 5.63€

Alchimia Bud Clean scissors + holster kit

Alchimiaweb presents this kit, which includes the Alchimia Bud Clean scissors with holster for your belt [...]

  • Straight tip (Out of stock) 11.03€
  • Curved tip (Out of stock) 11.03€

Alchimia Vintage Maroon Marbling T-shirt

Alchimia 20th Anniversary Limited Edition T-shirt is now available in Garnet colour. This is a special edition where we commemorate the first logo used on [...]

  • Size L 18.00€
  • Size M 18.00€
  • Size XL 18.00€
  • Size S 18.00€

Alchimia Born to be Weed T-shirt

Now available for free this promotional T-shirt from Alchimia Grow Shop , in black color and with the phrase “Born to be Weed” printed in full color. This shirt [...]

  • XL (Out of stock) 12.00€
  • L (Out of stock) 12.00€
  • M 12.00€
  • S (Out of stock) 12.00€
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