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The breeders at Dutch Passion are proud to present AutoMazar, their feminised autoflowering version of the legendary cannabis classic Mazar, named after the world famous hash producing area of Afghanistan, Mazar-i-Sharif.

Created by crossing Mazar (Pure Afghan x Skunk #1) with an autoflowering Ruderalis/Indica hybrid, Auto Mazar will amaze you with it's pace, potency and production.

In just 10 weeks from germination it produces a surprisingly generous harvest of large, sticky buds which will reward you with the smooth, full-bodied earthy tasting smoke typical of the best tasting Afghan genetics and it''s potent effect will leave you with the relaxed, pleasant yet intense body high you'd expect from these quality Indica genetics.

Just like it's hugely popular and highly sought after Mazar parent, it's a very high yielding cultivar, equally at home indoors, outdoors or in greenhouses. Showing a classic Indica structure with thick, strong growth and big leaves, AutoMazar is built to be resistant to the rigours of climate, pests and disease, making it a very easy plant to grow.

Planted at the right moment in the great outdoors, it's rapid growth and fast flowering mean that in early summer a heavy harvest of high quality buds is guaranteed, with the current record standing at 205g of dry buds from just one plant in Northern Europe!

Dutch Passion AutoMazar info:

  • Genetics: Mazar x (Ruderalis x Indica)
  • Sex: Feminised
  • THC: 7-14%
  • Yield: 50-125g per plant
  • Harvest: 10 weeks from germination
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