Baby Boom Auto

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Auto Baby Boom is the new automatic marijuana plant from the seed bank Kannabia. This auto genetic, as its name suggests, is a plant of medium/small size but very powerful and easy to grow.

It is the result of crossing a ruderalis plant with Northern Lights genetics x Blueberry obtaining a powerful cannabis plant, tasty and productive.

It is a strain of cannabis automatic and low-medium sized with strong growth from the beginning with short internodal distances that make it have many side branches in which afterwards long columns of buds will be created.

During its flowering period, it will create buds with some organoleptic qualities of great quality in which we can appreciate aromas of earth, pine and old wood supplied by its ancestor Northern Light. In its flavor, it highlights some marked bittersweet and dry nuances that make us remember the plum jam contributed by the blue gene found in its ancestor Blueberry.

At the end of flowering we can detect the bluish colors that acquire its leaves getting a visually attractive marijuana plant, covered with a thick layer of resin that bathes all its flowers.

Its effect will be relaxing with a high psychoactivity being balanced body and mind, ideal after a long day of work.

Features of the growing of Baby Boom Auto

For its indoor growing it is recommended to use it with a light photoperiod of 18-20h to obtain the maximum production of 50 grams per plant in just 55-60 days of blooming with a height of about 80 to 110 cm.

Growing it outdoors it can reach a height of 80 to 150cm with a production of up to 200 gr per plant and it can be grown from April to August for best results.

We recommend using special pots for automatic marijuana plants of 18L capacity and without transplants for further vigor development during the growth phase.

It will be appropriate the use of slow uptake fertilizers, liquid organic fertilizer or, if we use quick absorption fertilizers, it is recommended to drop he dose to get the best quality and production avoiding possible over-fertilizations .

Features of Baby Boom Auto

  • Genetics: Ruderalis x Northern Lights x Blueberry
  • Indoor Flowering: 55-60 days
  • Outdoor Flowering: 55-60 days
  • Indoor Production: 50 gr / plant 500-600grm2
  • Outdoor yield: 100-200 gr
  • THC level: Medium - High

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