The Blue family

The Blue family is very popular in the cannabis world, not only by the beautiful colours that plants can offer, but also because of its wide range of original flavors and effects.

A real work of breeding from DJ Short, Blueberry marijuana quickly attracted many breeders.

You can find more details about the Blue family in this article on Blueberry marijuana.

You will find here varieties with at least 50% of Blueberry genetics on them.

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There are 79 products tagged as Blue genetics

Critical Purple Kush by Seedsman

Critical Purple Kush by Seedsman - Seedsman

Seedsman presents Critical Purple Kush at Alchimia Grow Shop, a three-way hybrid offering purple colours, high power and fruity aroma. This variety originates from a cross between Blueberry, Critical and Peyote Purple, striving to create a [...]

  • 1 seed 10.99€
  • 3 seeds 21.43€
  • 5 seeds 30.22€
  • 10 seeds 49.46€
Blue OG Sherbet

Blue OG Sherbet - The Plug Seedbank

Alchimia Grow Shop is happy to present Blue OG Sherbet by The Plug Seedbank, a powerful poly-hybrid plant that has inherited the best characteristics of OG Kush, Girl Scout Cookies, Blueberry and Sunset Sherbet. This cross originates [...]

  • 6 seeds 100.00€ Product sold out
Mr Blueberry Bud

Mr Blueberry Bud - Mr. Hide Seeds is glad to present Mr Blueberry Bud by Mr Hide Seeds, an 80% Indica hybrid characterised by its euphoric, cheerful effect and red fruits aroma. This variety is a cross between an original Blueberry clone, created in the 70s by D [...]

  • 1 seed 7.00€
  • 5 seeds 29.00€
  • 25 seeds 90.00€
Fruit Bert

Fruit Bert - Dank Genetics

Dank Genetics Fruit Bert is a feminised cannabis plant, a cross between Fruit Loops and Sunset Sherbert, two strains of great power and flavour. The result is a new genetic line ideal for lovers of fruity flavours and an active and euphoric psychedel [...]

  • 7 seeds 78.00€
Blue Hell Auto

Blue Hell Auto - Medical Seeds

Blue Hell Auto by Medical Seeds is a feminised autoflowering cannabis variety created by taking the famous Blue Hell, a direct descendant of DJ Short's Blueberry, and crossing it with Auto Medical Rudelaris to result in a top quality auto strain. Bl [...]

  • 3 seeds 20.00€
  • 5 seeds 33.00€
Blue Gelato 41

Blue Gelato 41 - Barneys Farm

Barney's Farm presents Blue Gelato 41, an exciting new cannabis hybrid with a psychedelic and positive effect accompanied by an intense and sweet aroma. Now online in our feminised seed catalogue. This hybrid comes from a cross between the legendary [...]

  • 3 seeds 32.00€
  • 5 seeds 41.65€49.00€
  • 10 seeds 90.00€
  • 1 Seed 12.00€
Old Time Moonshine by Mosca Seeds

Old Time Moonshine by Mosca Seeds - Mosca Seeds

Old Time Moonshine from Mosca Seeds is a cannabis strain created with the aim of preserving one of veteran breeder DJ Short's most loved varieties, now available from This genetic line offers many phenotypic expressions and mutation [...]

  • 10 seeds 111.00€
Auto Blueberry

Auto Blueberry - 00 Seeds Bank

Auto Blueberry from 00 Seed Bank is a feminized autoflowering cannabis variety, created from the selection of Blueberry and an automatic strain, to replicate the characteristics of this legendary strain in an autoflowering version, rich in flavour an [...]

  • 5 seeds 19.50€
Dream Berry

Dream Berry - Female Seeds

Female Seeds presents the cannabis variety Dream Berry, a Sativa hybrid from the Blue family of genetics, with a red berry aroma and a creative and stimulating high. Now available in the feminised seed collection here at AlchimiaWeb! The Dream Berry [...]

  • 4 seeds 32.00€
  • 10 seeds 76.50€
Blue Dream

Blue Dream - Humboldt Seeds Organization

The cannabis variety Blue Dream from Humboldt Seeds is a very appreciated strain in American dispensaries. It comes from the cross of DJ Short's Blueberry and Mr. Nice's Super Silver Haze. This mainly Sativa hybrid has a splendid fruity and acid tas [...]

  • 3 seeds 27.00€
  • 5 seeds 37.40€44.00€
Sensi #11 Blueberry x Afghani x Silver Haze

Sensi #11 Blueberry x Afghani x Silver Haze - Sensi Seeds

Sensi #11 by Sensi Seeds is a feminised cannabis plant created by crossing three renowned varieties, Blueberry, Afghani and Silver Haze. Sensi #11 grows vigorously, reaching a large size in outdoor cultivation thanks to its Silver Haze genetic herit [...]

  • 1 Seed 7.00€
  • 3 seeds + 1 Big Bud o Northern Light 17.50€
  • 5 seeds + 2 Big Bud o Northern Light 28.00€
  • 10 seeds + 3 Big Bud o Northern Light 53.00€ There is only 1 unit left
Cheese Berry

Cheese Berry - 00 Seeds Bank

Cheese Berry is a feminised cannabis strain created by the guys at 00 Seeds, a hybrid between the legendary UK Cheese clone and a selection of the equally famous Blueberry variety. The resulting cross releases a very sweet scent, with intense fruity [...]

  • 5 Seeds 19.50€
Blue Kush 99 Auto

Blue Kush 99 Auto - Xtreme Seeds

Extreme Seeds present Blue Kush 99 Auto, an automatic feminised cannabis plant created by crossing two old school varieties, Pakistan Chitral Kush and Mazar Blue Cap. The result is a potent autoflowering cannabis strain, tasty, resinous and with a pr [...]

  • 1 seed 7.00€
  • 5 Seeds 30.00€
Blueberry Cookies - Mamiko Seeds

Blueberry Cookies - Mamiko Seeds - Mamiko Seeds

Blueberry Cookies is a feminized cannabis variety created by Mamiko Seeds, which offers a sweet and fruity aroma and a creative and pleasant effect, now available at Alchimia Grow Shop. Blueberry Cookies by Mamiko Seeds, simple to grow and well bran [...]

  • 3 seeds 21.00€
Auto Cheese Berry

Auto Cheese Berry - 00 Seeds Bank

Auto Cheese Berry is an AutoFem cannabis strain developed by 00 Seeds to offer an auto version of their acclaimed Cheese Berry. Now available in Alchimiaweb. It develops nice side branches and XL buds, completely covered with a thick layer of resin [...]

  • 5 Seeds 19.50€