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Super Sativa Seed Club presents its elite, top class cannabis variety Lava Freeze, now available online in the Alchimiaweb feminised seed catalogue.

Lava Freeze is an Indica dominant hybrid, the result of the encounter between Friesland Indica and Lava Cake, for easy-to-grow, powerful and tasty plants.

Lava Freeze genetics

The mother of Lava Freeze is a classic variety that's a favourite of many Canadian growers: Friesland Indica a.k.a. Freezland a.k.a. M33, famous for its great resistance to stress but also for its abundant yields, its powerful effect and its great resin production.

Super Sativa Seed Club decided to cross this variety with a reversed female, an elite cut that comes directly from Karel's collection: Lava Cake. This strain is becoming famous thanks to its astounding hybrid vigour and also for its most interesting terpene profile. It also delivers a very strong effect that is makes it unsuitable for inexperienced smokers.

Lava Freeze is an F3 hybrid that offers 4 different phenotypes. Two have purple colours and two are green, with the two purple phenotypes being the bank's favourites. The flowers produced by all phenotypes will be very dense and, above all, covered with a thick layer of particularly aromatic and sticky resin.

This 90% Indica hybrid will need 8 weeks to finish flowering, giving a particularly abundant yield, both in terms of flower weight and resin production.

Consuming Lava Freeze

Lava Freeze produces very compact and sticky cannabis buds that are particularly striking in appearance. The organoleptic qualities vary from plant to plant, with nuances of diesel and chemicals that blend perfectly with an earthy, citrus background. The terpene profile of this plant offers intense and intoxicating smells and flavours, there's no doubt that it's a variety that will be hard to forget.

The effects are very physically relaxing and mentally calming, making this an ideal variety to consume at the end of the day or after physical activity. Consumed heavily, Lava Freeze will keep you glued to the sofa, stimulating your appetite and leaving you ready for a good night's sleep.

In terms of both effect and flavour, Lava Freeze is a true delight to consume, whether in flower or resin form and whether rolled up in a joint, smoked in a bong, or enjoyed with a cannabis vaporiser.

Super Sativa Seed Club Lava Freeze info:

  • Feminised cannabis seeds
  • 90/10 Indica - Sativa
  • Genetics: Friesland Indica x Lava Cake
  • Flowering indoors: 8 weeks
  • Heavy yields
  • Easy to grow

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