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Alchimia and Cali Terpenes present the terpene profile of Dosidos, a cannabis variety appreciated for a gourmet aroma that combines sweet notes on an earthy and spicy background. Ideal to flavour our cannabis concentrates, e-liquids and culinary preparations.

The Dosidos terpene profile is composed of Linalol, Pinene, Limonene, Menthol, Myrcene. This terpene profile, when consumed in combination with a cannabinoid-rich concentrate, will promote a relaxing and positive effect, effective to fight stress and insomnia and improve mood, a phenomenon called the Entourage Effect.

Cali Terpenes products do not contain THC or CBD, containing only 100% natural terpenes extracted from legal plants without using solvents.

Cali Terpenes recommends not to exceed a maximum of 4% of terpenes in the mixture. That is, one drop of terpenes per gram of resin.

Cali Terpenes Dosidos terpenes profile info:

  • Kosher and Halal certificate
  • 100% natural terpenes
  • Do not use more than 4% of terpenes in a solution
  • Avoid contact with skin and eyes
  • Do not ingest, smoke or vaporize in pure form: it must be mixed in a base
  • Does not contain propylene glycol, ethylene glycol or glycerin
  • Does not contain THC nor cannabidiol
  • Do not store products enriched with terpenes in silicone cans. Please use glass jars

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