Cannabiogen seeds

Cannabiogen's collection of genetics is the result of more than twenty years of traveling around the world in search of the very best available landraces. Thus, Cannabiogen have brought, bred and stabilised cannabis seeds from places like the mountains of Jamaica, Colombia, Pakistan, India or Thailand.

A rigorous process of selection of over one hundred cultivars has been done through several years, before they could finally put their strains on the market. Most varieties are pure genetics from traditional farms located in the most distant areas across the world. Cannabiogen want to preserve and share all this genetic diversity for the delight of cannabis connoisseurs.

How to grow Cannabiogen seeds?

Cannabiogen recommends:

  • Organic farming: 6.2 pH
  • Hydroponic systems: 5.8 pH and 1.2 - 1.8 Ms/cm2 EC (Electro Conductivity). Relative humidity: 50% - 60%, slightly higher during the growth stage. Temperature :22 ° - 26 °C

Cannabiogen select their cannabis seeds one by one manually and perform regular germination tests of each batch, every 3 months.

All Cannabiogen seeds are properly labeled and have expiration date.

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(+34) 972 527 248
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