Low-energy Light Bulb of 250 w Dual Spectrum

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Low-energy Light bulb of 250w Elektrox Dual which thanks to its features allows us to use it for the growth and flowering period, without having to care about having various lights, making everything easier.

Its like that thanks to the mix of colours achieved by the mix of the two luminiferous spectrums, covering blue and warm tones, ideal for both development cycles. The range of such light tones is 2700 ° K and 6500 ° K, specifically chosen for their usefulness in both phases.

Moreover, another great advantage of this type of bulbs is the little heat they release compared to MH and HPS.

In addition of its long life, and the real energy-saving they allows, the plants will grow slightly slower, but more dense, being so a great option to grow marijuana in small spaces. It incorporates an internal automatic start system, making it unnecessary to install complex systems and ballasts; screw and ready.

Technical Features of the low-energy light bulb of 250w dual spectrum:

  • Power: 250w
  • Thread: E40
  • Fluorescent tubes Diameter: 17mm
  • Length tubes +-30cm
  • Degree Kelvin: 2700/6500K
  • Service life time hours: 10000
  • Integrated Ballast
  • 230v-50Hz

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Opinions about Low-energy Light Bulb of 250 w Dual Spectrum and questions


CB 25-02-2018
I´ve always been concerned about costs. What can i expect on average to pay i I live in barcelona? is there a way of measuring this compared to other types of lighting (HID LED)? I would be using one light with the 100x100x150 tent

Alchimia Staff

Alchimia Grow Shop 26-02-2018

Hi CB,

A 250W lamp is too small for your tent, a 400W lamp would be perfect to cover that area. You can expect a cost of around 20/30€/month, although it greatly depends on your contract.

Hope it helped!


Méjean Is an Alchimia client 05-03-2016
When you recommend in your growing tips as concerns automatic strains; a photoperiod of 20h of light and 4 hours of complete darkness for the entire cycle, I wonder does it apply to low-energy light bulbs?

Alchimia Staff

Alchimia Grow Shop 08-03-2016

Hi Méjean,

This photoperiod is for any type of grow light.

All the best!

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